19th Century Spirit

Located in the heart of the forest, where the artists of Barbizon school planted their easels in the early nineteenth century, it was natural that Osenat dedicated them, for now 30 years, three auction sales, now followed by collectors of the whole world.

In recent years, these sales have been, in addition to a large selection of paintings and drawings by large and small masters of the Barbizon school, representative works of the various currents, illustrated in the nineteenth century, under the name of " L’Esprit du XIXe siècle”. Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism ... We would like to represent all the founding currents of this era so prolific in paintings.

Closing of each sale 1 month before its date.

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June 2020
L'esprit du XIXe siècle

L'esprit du XIXe siècle

Sunday 07 June 2020 at 14h00
Fontainebleau, 9-11, rue Royale 77300 Fontainebleau

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Caroline CUNY
Caroline CUNY
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Rediscover Rosa Bonheur

Our sale "The Spirit of the Nineteenth Century" of Sunday, June 30 presents among his lots a work by Rosa Bonheur, a major artist of the 19th century, somewhat forgotten in the history of art.
An interview with Caroline Cuny, Director of the Department "The Spirit of the Nineteenth Century"
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The painting of the 20th Century flowing ink

The spirit of the nineteenth century" is not dead! The enthusiasm of the press preceding and succeeding the sale testifies ...
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  • Cabinet De Bayser

  • Cabinet Turquin

  • Michel Schulman

  • Rolande Miquel & Michel Klaa

  • Thomas Mayer

  • Pierre Zoghbi

  • Martin Dieterle