Wine and spirits

With its bimonthly sales of more than 500 items from private wineries, the department offers a wide range of fine wines and spirits by honoring the greatest appellations and exceptional vintages.

International buyers are increasingly involved in the success of these vacations.

LAïS Wine is a structure specializing in the appraisal and expertise of wines & spirits, engaged in the fight against fraud and counterfeits that are rampant in the world of wine and spirits. Louise Adélaïde is a member of Wine Fraud, a vast international expertise-sharing program, the resources of which she uses to limit the free circulation of fake bottles at the heart of auctions.

Closing of each auction one month before its date.


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Cédric Laborde
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Louise Adélaïde Sainderichin
LAïS Wine Expertise - Paris
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Whiskies japonais, la vente à ne pas manquer

Les amateurs de whiskies japonais ont rendez-vous le vendredi 24 juillet 2020 pour une vente aux enchères de flacons plutôt exceptionnels.
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