Renault Tracteur 15hp type LH - circa 1926

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Renault Tracteur 15hp type LH - circa 1926
Chassis n°256545 French registration This may be one of the rarest Renault in the world! Joking aside, our research on this Renault type LH has been almost in vain. Few photos or references to this model have been found. This is not completely surprising when you know that Renault changed the range and model name very quickly, even with a minor modification to the machine. From the bore noted on its chassis plate, however, we know that it is a 15 HP engine with a payload of between 4 and 8 tons. The Type LH is said to be the first of the Renault road tractors. Our Renault Type LH has been in the hands of the same owner for twenty years. Its previous owner, a garage owner specialising in heavy vehicles, kept it for over forty years and undertook a complete restoration of the tractor. The four-cylinder Renault is complete. It will need to be restarted, as it has not been running for a long time. A dynamo could be added, a period option, to benefit from the headlights. The least we can say is that the interior is spartan! It was not a question of comfort but of efficiency and solidity. Note the two brake levers. Our Renault has twin wheels at the rear to distribute the load on the ground and improve traction power. This method is still used today! It is therefore the ancestor of the French road tractor vehicles that we offer. An opportunity for any collector of heavy trucks to complete his collection with the pre-war reference.
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