ASTROLABE IN BRASS engraved, mother with... - Lot 25 - Osenat

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ASTROLABE IN BRASS engraved, mother with... - Lot 25 - Osenat
ASTROLABE IN BRASS engraved, mother with three double-sided tympanums, table engraved with a Quadratum Nauticum, the directions of the compass are indicated by the names of the winds including those of the angles, Srirocco, Lebechio, Magistralis and Greco, surrounded by the four cardinal points septentrio, oriens, meridies, occidens. The sides of the square engraved twice 30°/60°/90° surmounted by the inscriptions Longitudo minor sive Occi[dentalior], Latitudo maior aut Bore[alior], Logitudo maior vel Orienta[lior], Latitudo minor & Austral[ior], openwork throne with compass accosted by leafy scrolls, topped by a movable suspension ring. The limb bears on its plate a scale of twenty-four hours numbered twice twelve hours I to XII, as well as an altitude scale of 360° graduated from ten to ten, 10 to 90 four times, subdivided into degrees and half degrees. The interior has a notch under the throne to accommodate the legs of the plates. On the reverse side are inscribed names of stars, ecliptic in the center bearing the symbols of the signs of the zodiac, circumference graduated from ten to ten, 0 to 90 four times. Signed under the throne adrianus descrolieres facie angiae and dated 1579. Angers, Adrien Descrolières (active between 1571-1580), second half of the 16th century, 1579 Height : 21 cm - Diameter : 14 cm (lacks the spider) A rather enigmatic maker of scientific instruments, Adrien Descrolières was influenced by the school of Louvain, his production being close to that of the Flemish Gualterus Arsenius, whose pupil he had been. Probably of Anjou origin, he nevertheless practiced his activity in different cities throughout Europe. To date, nine astrolabes by Descrolières have been recorded, three of which do not bear his signature and are only attributed to him, including the one in the Royal Museum in Greenwich (inv. AST0587). An astrolabe signed Adrianus Descrolieres facit ... . Lutetie anno and dated 1580 is in the British Museum (inv. 1893,0616.1, fig.). Another is in the collections of the Correr Museum in Venice (inv. Cl. XXIX n. 0077) signed Adrianus Descrolières facie, Ven(e)tijs Anno 1571.
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