BEAUVAIS Hanging of the Metamorphoses of... - Lot 202 - Osenat

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BEAUVAIS Hanging of the Metamorphoses of... - Lot 202 - Osenat
BEAUVAIS Hanging of the Metamorphoses of Ovid Rare panel of the Royal Manufactures of the city of Beauvais. Wool and silk. Beautiful polychromy Remarkable freshness of the colors Restorations of maintenance XVIIIth century 310 x 250 cm This panel of tapestry belongs to a series of hangings having for subject the metamorphoses of Ovid, very popular in the XVIIIth century. This tapestry panel represents the Shepherd Acis and the nymph Galatea. The myth: Acis and Galatea are two lovers of Greek mythology whose legend is reported by Ovid in the Metamorphoses (Book XIII) and whose first mention is found in Theocritus (Idyll XI entitled "The Cyclops"). Acis was a young shepherd from Sicily, son of the god Pan and the nymph Symaethis, and the lover of Galatea, one of the Nereids (sea nymph), daughter of Nereus and Doris. But Acis was victim of the jealousy of the cyclops Polyphemus, also in love with Galatea but disqualified by his monstrous features. Polyphemus, having surprised the two lovers, tore off a rock of Etna and threw it on Acis. Galatea, seeing streams of blood flowing under the rock, prayed to the gods to change it into a river so that it could reach the sea. This version was sung by Theocritus in his eleventh Idyll. Another version of the legend, where Polyphemus finally seduces Galatea by his talent to play the syrinx, will have less success. Expert : Mr Kassapian
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