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35000 - 45000 EUR
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Result : 40 800EUR
"Serial number ZAR91600007004274
CUP V6 3.0L 24V n° 049
2 models in France!
Excellent condition
Important file of documentation and invoices
Complete booklets
Certificate of conformity
French registration document

There are car brands that fascinate and make generations
and make entire generations dream; Alfa Romeo is one of them and
Alfa Romeo is one of them, and its community of fans, the "alfists", is constantly
the passion that the Milanese company still transmits today.
the passion that the Milanese company still transmits today.
The history of the car we are presenting is
is above all the story of one of those enthusiasts who, over the years
who, over the years, has come to admire a very specific
specific to Alfa Romeo: the V6 Busso engine.
Considered by many to be one of the best engines in
engines in the history of the modern automobile, this V6 was
produced between 1986 and 2005 and incorporated under the bonnet
of almost the entire Alfa Romeo range.
The last owner undertook a collection of
exclusively equipped with this fantastic engine with its characteristic
with its characteristic voice, and very soon he came up with one of the most
one of the most exclusive cars of the cloverleaf brand
cloverleaf: the GTV CUP 916.
Based on the GTV 916 model (1995-2005), the
is a very limited series of 180 cars with 3.0L
3.0L engines. Out of this small production number,
only 25 CUPs will leave the factory in left-hand drive
reserved for the Swiss market only during the first half of 2001.
the first half of 2001. Today only 6
CUP 3.0L LHD are listed in France and Switzerland,
so it is one of the rarest and surely the most desirable Alfa Romeo
and surely the most desirable model in the modern history of the brand.
Technically, the CUP is based on a large part of the
its twin sister GTV 916 but a lighter body kit was applied to the
body kit was fitted to the exclusive model; the engine was revised to
230 hp with larger front disc diameters.
The model we present to you came off the production line
April 24, 2001 was bought by Mr Telese in Switzerland
in Switzerland who sold it 6 years later with 47 000 km
covered; while remaining in Switzerland it changed hands a second time
a second time and then a trader took care of selling the car
the car to the current owner.
Today the car is in a very good condition
and mechanical condition; with 104,000 km on the clock
and a "factory" restoration by the owner
by the owner (photo file on request), it is as pleasant to drive as it is to look at.
to drive as well as to look at. The V6 sings beautifully
and the 6-speed manual gearbox provides flexibility
and the surprising torque of this engine.
A world premiere at auction, this is a unique opportunity to
unique opportunity to acquire this more than exclusive model
which was the subject of numerous media representations
notably in the magazine Youngtimers n° 104
as well as at the opening of the "Italian Meeting Festival
of Montlhéry. We thank the owner for his
for his overflowing and contagious passion as well as all the
and all the research and documentation work he did on this
this model. "
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