1939 Peugeot 402B Coach découvrable

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60000 - 80000 EUR
1939 Peugeot 402B Coach découvrable
Serial number 80630
Rare discoverable version
Nice restoration condition
French title

The Peugeot 402 is the result of an aesthetic revolution in passenger vehicles in Europe brought about by the United States and the appearance of the "Streamline Modern", a late branch of Art Deco which is translated as "liner style" in France. In fact, it was in 1934, on the other side of the Atlantic that the Chrysler Airflow was born, the first production car to take a real interest in aerodynamics, a clear break with the bodywork of the 1920s. The Peugeot 402 was presented to the public at the Paris Motor Show in 1935; its tapered bodywork with inflated wings, sloping windscreen and headlights behind the grille gave it the nickname of the "Sochaux spindle".
We owe this car to the work of Henri Thomas who was then in charge of the bodywork studies department at Peugeot and who wanted to make a car capable of facing fierce competition illustrated by the arrival of the first Traction Avant at Citroen which made the effect of a bomb in the national market. For reasons of economy, the lion brand built the 402 on a rigid "Bloctube" chassis which was already installed on the previous models, adding independent suspension at the front and leaf springs at the rear.
On the mechanical side, Peugeot knows how to defend itself by offering a 4-cylinder rocking engine of 1991 cm3 developing 55 horsepower transmitted to the ground by a 3-speed gearbox, the second and third gears of which are synchronised; some versions of the 402 will even be equipped with a semi-automatic gearbox with Cotal electric control.

Peugeot was the first manufacturer to offer a "coupé-cabriolet" system on its models. After the 601, Peugeot repeated its offer on the 402 by putting an eclipse version with an electric removable roof in the catalogue in 1936 and then a manual one in 1937 after having judged that this manipulation was unreliable and too energy consumi
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