MOZART (Wolfgang Amadeus). Autograph musical... - Lot 174 - Osenat

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MOZART (Wolfgang Amadeus). Autograph musical... - Lot 174 - Osenat
MOZART (Wolfgang Amadeus). Autograph musical manuscript for piano and two voices. A system of 4 staves of 7 measures and a half, of which only the second voice is written and part of the accompaniment, with words. ALEXIS UND NAIDE, DUET FOR 2 SOPRANOS. The work of the German writer Christian Felix Weiße (1726-1804) seems to have particularly touched Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart, as he worked on a total of 5 poems (including Alexis und Naide) taken from his collection entitled Kleinen lyrischen Gedichte, published by the Weidmann heirs in 1772. He thus sketched, but did not finish, a musical setting of Alexis und Naide's first sizain, 27 and a half bars in all: "I name you without knowing it, / In a dream I think I kiss you, / Absent, my heart sighs after you, / I see you, oh what joy! / Naide! Say, what am I missing? "This fragment corresponds to the last known measures of this work on the verses: "Freude! O welche Freude! Naide! Sprich, was fehlet mir?" It was probably separated from the rest by Mozart's widow, Constanze, or one of their sons, to be given or sold. First mentioned in 1828 in the biography of Mozart published by Constanze's second husband, Georg Nikolaus von Nissen, this manuscript is now listed among the composer's "Sketches and Fragments" (K626b/26). PROVENANCE: THE CANTATOR HENRIETTE SONTAG (1805-1854) THEN THE PRINCE HENRI DE REUSS-KÖSTRITZ, from an ex-dono manuscript in the lower margin of the front of this manuscript, dated Leipzig, February 1852: "Handschrift von W. A. Mozart, von Gräfin Henriette Rossi. Im freundlichen Andenken an Heinrich den II. Reuß ["Writing of W. A. Mozart, by Countess Henriette Rossi. In friendly remembrance of Henri den II Reuß]". The soprano Henriette Sontag, one of the great singers of her century, had married Count Carlo de Rossi. Prince Henry of Reuß-Köstritz was a great music lover, a friend of Felix Mendelssohn and Robert Schumann, among others.
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