1965 JAGUAR Type E Série 1 4,2L Cabriolet

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1965 JAGUAR Type E Série 1 4,2L Cabriolet

Serial number 1E10436

Rare original hard-top

Crystal clear history

40,000 miles of origin

French title

The car presented is a series 1 cabriolet (open two seater) engine 4.2 liters of 1965. It is very likely that the current owner is only the 3rd in 65 years of existence. The mileage (in miles) of 40149 seems to be the original one as the car has no signs of wear or injury. The serial number on the registration certificate is the one on the nameplate and on the front tubular extension. The serial number, deciphered with difficulty on the front crossbar on the right, is the one attributed to the construction! The car has its hard top: its state is not "competition" which would make it unachievable as a real icon, but natural, accessible, desirable. Delivered new in Texas, it was imported to Europe by its first owner but it does not have US accoutrements in the name of security. The maintenance log, present in the vehicle was stamped by "Continental Cars of Dallas - Texas" on 28.07.1965 for the revision of 3,000 miles! During her 65 years of existence she suffered some pangs of traffic which required a facelift with a new painting. Not everything is perfect like some ripples on the body panels and slight paint application defects. The bumpers are well aligned with their bumpers, their bright chrome. The rushes highlighting the top of the wings are flawless, extending into the surrounding Lighthouse optics (LUCAS), themselves in perfect condition behind their bubble. The windows are not scratched, their joints will one day replace but seem perfectly sealed because no halo is detectable on the interior trim. The monograms are all in place. The cabochons of the lights are intact. Windshields, deflectors are operational. The floor is not "flat" like the one of the series 1 which makes this car more comfortable. Body: E41515. The presence of a "hard-top" is a more indisputable making the whole extremely rare! Very few type E were delivered with a hard top because this piece was "optional" at a significant cost, it is still today. The door linings, the original carpets protected by carpet, the set of carpets is clean with no signs of wear. Note that the upholstery of the left seat bears the trace of an accident (small tear) by rubbing a hoop of the hood. It is almost new, replaced recently, with soft plexiglass intact. The arches do not play and are operational. Presence of a cover in skai. Original wood steering wheel, door trim trim ring, flawless door handles, aligned dashboard dials, gear lever (torn bellows) and ready-to-use handbrake, switches in place, pedals, grip for the passenger: all these elements are barely weathered, the seat padding is firm, without deformation. The elements of saddlery of the trunk are to put back in place, they are all in good state. It is clear that the bearings, silentblocs, ball joints need some control and for some replacement but these defects are only little compared to the interest for this type E of 65 years with 40.000 miles (65.000 kilometers) . The last technical inspection of April 2019 reveals a rear brake imbalance but the discs are in very good condition: the only fault of this car is to have remained motionless too often. The spokes of the wheels are well tensioned, the caps of the valves of the tires bear the emblem of the mark. PIRELLI Cinturato tires are to be controlled, that of the spare wheel seems to be the original one, only good to keep in memory! No leakage on the hydraulic braking system. Another proof of being in the presence of a Type E "collectible": the presence of a sheath around the threads of candles inside the V of the breech. This sheath is to be replaced, is there a spare part? All the fuel line is watertight (no leak, no smell) to be controlled for safety. The 3 big carburettors SU are well adjusted with a powerful ignition because the starting engine is carried out without difficulty. Good condition of the entire exhaust, radiator, air filter, fuel filter, battery, electrical harnesses. Cylinder head n °: 7E 8718 9. The restoration was carried out judiciously, without excess to avoid giving this car an immaculate image but preserving the overall harmony of the whole. Invoices and the original maintenance book are present in the vehicle. The specifics of this 1965 car have been preserved which must tickle the heart of authentic wing lovers.
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