Charles NOETINGER Aeronautical Collection - Mas Palegry Museum

samedi 01 juin 2019 14:30
Musée de l’Aviation, 66 route d’Elne 66000 Perpignan
Sale information

Collection Aéronautique Charles NOETINGER - Musée de Mas Palegry

Date de vente : Samedi 1er juin à 14h30

Lieu : Musée de l’Aviation

Mas Palegry - 66 route d’Elne

66000 Perpignan

Expositions :
Musée de l’Aviation
Jeudi 29 et Vendredi 30 mai de 10h à 13h et de 14h à 18h
Samedi 1er juin de 10h à 12h

Contacts :

Estelle PERRY
+33 (0)6 63 20 76 74

+33 (0)6 75 37 54 59

Sales conditions
All property is being offered under French Law and the conditions
printed in this volume. lt is important that you read the following
pages carefully.
The following pages give you as well useful information on how to
buy at auction. Our staff is at your disposal to assist you.
The purchase price will be the sum of the final bid plus a buyer’s
premium of 25 % inc. taxes.
Non-European buyers may have all VAT invoiced refunded to
them if they request so in writing to the accounting department
within delay of 3 months of the date of sale, and if they provide
with the third sample of the customs documentation
(DAU ) stamped by customs. must appear as shipper
on the export document and the buyer as the consignee.
The exportation has to be done within the legal delays and a
maximum of 3 months of the date of sale.
Pre-sale estimates
The pre-sale estimate are intended as a guide for prospective
buyers. Any bid between the high and the low pre-sale estimates
offers a fair chance of success. lt is always advisable to consult us
nearer the time of sales as estimates can be subject to revision.
Condition of Iots
Solely as a convenance, we may provide condition reports. All the
property is sold in the condition in which they were offered for
sale with all their imperfections and defects.
No claim can be accepted for minor restoration or small damages.
lt is the responsability of the prospective bidders to inspect
each lot prior to the sale and to satisfy themselves that each lot
corresponds with its description. Given that the re-lining, frames
and finings constitute protective measures and not defects,
they will not be noted. Any measurements provided are only
All prospective buyers shall have the opportunity to inspect each
object for sale during the pre-sale exhibition in order to satisfy
themselves as to characteristics, size as well as any necessary
repairs or restoration.
Sale preview
Pre-auctions viewings are open to the public free of charge.
is concerned for your safety while on our premises
and we endeavour to display items safely so far as is reasonably
practicable, Nevertheless, should you handle any items on view at
our premises, you do so at you own risk.
Bids may be executed in person by paddle during the auction
or by telephone, or by third person who vvill transmit the orders
in writing or by telephone prior to the sale. The auctions will be
conducted in euros. A currency converter wili be operated in the
salesroom for your convenience but, as errors may occur, you
should not rely upon it as substituts for bidding in euros.
Bidding in Person
To bid in person at the auction, you will need to register for and
collect a numbered paddle before the auction begins. Proof of
identity will be required.
If you wish to bid on a lot, please indicate clearly that you are
bidding by raising you paddle and attracting the attention of the
auctioneer. Should you be the successful buyers of any lot, please
ensure that the auctioneer can see your paddle and that it is your
number that is called out.
Should there be any doubts as to price or buyer, please draw the
auctioneer’s attention to it immediately.
We will invoice all lots sold to the name and address in which the
paddle has been registered and invoices cannot be transferred to
other names and addresses. In the event of loss of your paddle,
please inform the sales clerk immediately.
At the end of the sale, please return your paddle to the
registration desk.
Bidding as principal
If you make a bid at auction, you do as principal and we may held
you personally and solely liable for that bid unless it has been
previously agreed that you do so on behalf of an identified and
acceptable third party and you have produced a valid power of
attorney acceptable to us.
Absentee bids
If you cannot attend the auction, we will pleased to execute
written bids on your behalf. A bidding form can be found at the
back of this catalogue. This service is free and confidential. Lots
will be bought as cheaply as is consistent with other bide and the
reserves. In the event of identical bids, the earliest bid received
will take precedence. Always indicate a “ top limit ” - the hammer
price to which you would stop bidding if you vvere attending the
auction yourself
“ Buy ” and unlimited bids will not be accepted.
Orders shall be made in euro.
Written orders may be
- sent by e-mail at
- sent by fax to the following number: 00 33 (0) 1 80 81 90 01
- hand delivered to staff on the premises
- sent by post to the offices of .
You may also bid by telephone. Telephone bids must be confirmed
before the auction by letter, fax or e-mail. These as well as written
bids must be received 24 hours before the auction so that we can
guarantee satisfaction.
Bidding by telephone
If you cannot attend the auction, it is possible to bid on the
telephone. As the number of telephone lines is limited, it is
necessary to make arrangements for this service 24 hours before
the sale.
We also suggest that you leave a covering bid which we can
execute on your behalf in the event we are unable to reach you
by telephone. staff are available to execute bids for you
in English.
3 - AT THE Auction
Conditions of sale
As indicated above, the auction is governed by the conditions
printed in this catalogue. Anyone considering bidding in the
auction should read them carefully. They may be amended by way
of notices posted in the salesroom or by way of announcement
made by the auctioneer.
Access to the lots during the sale
For security reasons, prospective bidders will not be able to view
the lots whilst the auction is taking place.
The auctioneer may commence and advance the bidding at levels
he considers appropriate and is entitled to place consecutive and
responsive bids on behalf of the vendor until the reserve price
is achieved.
Information provided by about restorations, accidents
or incidents affecting the lots are only made to facilitate
inspection by the prospective buyer and remain subject to his
personal appreciation and that of his expert.
The absence of information provided about a restoration, an
accident or any incident in the catalog, in the condition reports,
on the tags or given orally, does not imply that the lot concerned
is free of defect, past or repaired. On the opposite, the mention of
a default does not imply the absence of any other one.
The successful bidder will only get the delivery of his purchase
after payment of the full price. In the case where a simple check
has been provided for payment, lots shall not be delivered before
the check has been cashed.
If you would like to know the result of any absentee bids which
you may have instructed us to place on your behalf, please
- Tél. 00 33 (0)1 64 22 27 62
Fax 00 33 (0)1 64 22 38 94
Payment is due immediatly after the sale and may be made by
the following method:
- checks in euro
- cash within the following limits:
- 1.000 euros for trade clients
- 1.000 euros for French private clients
- 15.000 euros for foreign tax nationals (non trade)
- credit cards VISA and MAS TERCARD
- Bank transfers should be made to:
Account holder :
Domiciliation: HSBC FR PARIS AU BER
Code banque: 30056
Code guichet: 00811
No compte: 08110133135
Clé RIB: 57
International identification:
FR76 3005 6008 1108 1101 3313 557
Siret: 442 614 384 00042
APE 741A0
No TVA intracommunautaire: FR 76442614384
Collection of Purchases – Storage fees
Purchases can only be collected after payment infull in cleared
funds has been made to .
Purchased lots will become available only afterpayment infull has
been made.
Storage fees will be charged by to purchasers who
have not collected their items within 15 days from the sale as
follows :
- 10 € per day for furniture
- 5 € per day for object or paintings
Buyers should always check whether an export licence
is required before exporting. It is the buyer’s sole
responsibility to obtain any relevant export or import
licence. The denial of any licence or any delay in obtaining licences
shall neither justify the rescission of any sale nor any delay in
making full payment for the lot. can advise buyers on
the detailed provisions of the export licensing regulations and will
submitt any necessary export licence applications on request.
However, cannot ensure that a licence will be obtained.
Local laws may prohibit of some property and/or may prohibit
the resale of some property in the country of importation. As an
illustration only, we set out below a selection of the categories
of works or art, together with the value thresholds above for
which a French «certificat pour un bien culturel» (also known as
«passport») may be required so that the lot can leave the French
territory; the thresholds indicated in brakets is the one required
for an export licence application outside the EU, when the latter
differs from the national threshold.
- Pictures entirely made by hand on any support and of any
material, of more than 50 years of age
euros 150,000
- Furniture and objects, carpets, tapestries, clocks of more than
50 years of age e
uros 50,000
- Watercolors, gouaches and pastels of more than 50 years of age
euros 30,000
- Original sculptures and copies of more than 50 years of age
euros 50,000
- Books of more than 100 years of age
euros 50,000
- Vehicules of more than 75 years of age
euros 50,000
- Drawings of more than 50 years of age
euros 15,000
- Prints, lithographs and posters of more than 50 years of age
euros 15,000
- Photographs, films and negatives of more than 50 years of age
euros 15,000
- Printed maps of more than 100 years of age
euros 15,000
- Incunabula and manuscripts (EU whatever the value is)
euros 1,500
- Archaeology pieces of more than 100 years of age, originating
directly from excavations (1)
- Archaeology pieces of more than 100 years of age, not originating
directly from excavations euros 1,500
- Parts of Historical, Religious or Architectural monuments of
more than 100 years of age (1)
- Archives of more than 50 years of age (EU whatever the value is)
euros 300
(1) Application for licence for these categories is subject to the
nature of the item.
Preemption right
The French state retains a preemption right on certain works of
art and archives which may be exercised during the auction.
In case of confirmation of the preemption right within fifteen
(15) days from the date of the sale, the French state shall be
subrogated in the buyers position.
Catalogue descriptions
shall exercise such due care when making express
statements in catalogue descriptions, as amended by any notices
posted in the salesroom prior to the opening of the auction or
by announcement made by the auctioneer at the beginning
of the auction and noted in the minutes of the sales, as is
consistent with its role of an auction house and in the light of the
information provided to it by vendor, of the scientific, technical
and artistic knowledge, and the generally accepted opinions of
relevant experts, at the time any such express statement is made.
* All components of lots with asterisks are sold as is, only
as collectibles for static display and can not be used for any
reason whatsoever and regardless of the work of delivery.
state that could have been done. SVV OSENAT declines any
responsibility in case of reuse.
** A possible refit of flight will be done under the
responsibility of the purchaser in liaison with the authorities
of the civil aviation of the country of registration.
Conception / réalisation : Osenat