LA ROCHE de: L'arismétique et géométrie de... - Lot 119 - Osenat

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LA ROCHE de: L'arismétique et géométrie de... - Lot 119 - Osenat
LA ROCHE de: L'arismétique et géométrie de Maistre de la Roche dict Ville Franche, nouvellement imprimée et des faultes corrigée....Lyon, à l'Enseigne de la Sphère, Gilles et Jacques Huguetan Frères, 1538. In-folio modern vellum overlay. (contemporary annotations on 1st blank ff., light wetness). 2 unnumbered and 158 numbered pages (page 50 numbered 48). Second edition, the first having appeared in 1530. When we talk about mathematical activity in France in the 15th century, we mention at best one or two names, and Nicolas Chuquet is the first. And it was as an algebraist that posterity (belatedly) recognized Chuquet, when Michel Chasles, in the 19th century, alerted public opinion to the mathematician's existence. In a commentary on Estienne de la Roche's treatise on arithmetic, published in 1520 and again in 1538, Chasles wrote: "[...] this arithmetic, treated in a very complete and thorough manner for the use of merchants, also includes the rule of things, i.e. Algebra. It is therefore the oldest Treatise on Algebra printed in France; and, a remarkable circumstance for its time, it is written in French. [...] The author cites the Traité d'Algèbre de maître Nicolas Chuquet, from Paris, another work by a French author, prior to 1520. Perhaps the notation of exponents was already included in this work. It is to be hoped, in the interests of history, that this work will not be entirely lost" [Chasles 1841, n. 2, p. 752]. Etienne de la Roche's treatise remains the oldest printed work in French on algebra, in the sense of algebra inherited from the Arabs. But for the entire algebraic section - as for the rest of the work - de la Roche modelled himself on the Triparty en la science des nombres by Nicolas Chuquet, completed in Lyon in 1484. Here, then, is a French-language treatise from the late 15th century, which discusses, among other things, algebra, the "rigle des premiers" in the author's own words. This was a rare occurrence in France at the time, contrary to what might have been expected. in Italy, where from the 14th century onwards, a mathematical tradition was developing outside the University, in the milieu of 'abacus masters'" (M. Spiesser, l'Algèbre de Nicolas Chuquet, 2006). A fine copy of this rare book.
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