1960 LIUZZI Monocoque FL Super Star Type... - Lot 34 - Osenat

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1960 LIUZZI Monocoque FL Super Star Type... - Lot 34 - Osenat
1960 LIUZZI Monocoque FL Super Star Type : Runabout Length : 6,20 m Width : 2,05 m Weight : approx. 1150 kg Number of seat(s) : 6 Engine : BPM Atlantic Type : 6 cylinders in V Displacement : 4,0 l. Power: approx. 225 hp. During the decade 1950-1960, the length of the France-Craft type FL Monohull, the most typical model of Frantz Liuzzi's shipyard with its characteristic rounded rear end, has changed little. Its harmonious lines were always designed with a stroke of genius by its creator, capable of producing from the same design a safe, comfortable and reliable touring runabout with the steering cockpit classically placed in the front - with or without windscreen - or to break world records and win championships with the steering located in the rear cockpit. Adopting the new BPM V6 Atlantic engine of 4 liters and 225 hp in the second half of the 1950s, a more powerful unit that represented a turning point in the usual production of 4-cylinders in the Milanese factory, Liuzzi, always a faithful customer of Botta and Puricelli, proposed two completely revised novelties, the Star model with two fins on the rear part of the deck "American style" and a Star 6 variant, with a long, flatter rear section and no appendages. Although sometimes giving the image of a larger company than its very talented small shipyard in Neuilly, Liuzzi remains, in the soul, a producer of boats on order, the supplier of a certain elite. Thus, a rare version of the Star with a BPM V6 Atlantic engine was delivered to a customer, Madame Baltazar, on the occasion of the 1960 Easter holidays by the owner himself. Indeed, this one is endowed with the general lines of the France-Craft with the rounded back but in a length brought to 6,20 m. Its construction in molded wood with double glued planking, on a dummy, with the keel in the air, was carried out from start to finish by the workshop foreman, Guy Duruisseau, with the help of a journeyman carpenter. Some forty years later, the same Duruisseau was contacted to ensure the restoration of the boat he had assembled in the spring of 1960. This time, it will be with the help of a passionate assistant in the person of Jean Van Praet who acquired the boat from a shipyard on Lake Annecy. The restoration of this special Star of 225 hp is thus carried out in the rules of art by the best connoisseur in the matter who is none other than its original builder. The diagonal planking elements are checked and, if necessary, replaced, one by one, in symmetry by alternating between starboard and port to always keep a perfect geometry of the structure during the whole operation. The very robust construction of the Liuzzi allowed to keep more than half of the planking, only the external folds were redone while the internal folds were entirely preserved. The V6 Atlantic engine has been overhauled, also by its original manufacturer, BPM in Italy, while the hull is restored in its original colors, red and white, in line with all the Liuzzi with rounded rear.
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