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55000 - 60000 EUR
"Serial number 227055 Wanted copy Excellent condition British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Fully restored to its original configuration €40,000 restoration costs Austin-Healey was a famous British sports car produced from 1953 to 1972. The company of the same name was created one year earlier by two car lovers. Donald Healey and Leonard Lord, respectively a racing driver and a senior official of the British Motor Corporation, signed a joint venture agreement to design and produce these cars. This agreement ended 20 years after it was signed, in 1972. The first model to be produced was the Austin-Healey 100, a story that is linked to that of the British company, as it was after discovering Donald Healey's Healey 100 prototype that Leonard Lord decided to join forces with him to replace his Austin A90. As with Jaguar and its XK120, this car was named "100" because of its ability to reach 100 mph. Equipped with a 90bhp 2.6L 4-cylinder engine, the car is designed to be a high performer, achieving 0-60mph in just 11.6 seconds. With the code name BN1, this Austin-Healey will please the press and enthusiasts. It will sell 10,000 units. The model we are presenting for sale left the factory on 4 July 1955. July 4, 1955. It was quickly sent to the United States. It was not imported into France until February 1987. During its journey to Uncle Sam's country, the car's chassis rusted and lost its rigidity. On his return to France, the owner undertook a complete restoration of the car and decided to change the chassis. This car will receive more than 40 000€ of restoration costs which will last from 2012 to 2015. Today, this car is in its original condition, in a "Carmine Red" configuration with black interior, as attested by the accompanying British Motor Industry Heritage Trust. Amongst the work carried out, we note a rebuild of the entire wiring harness and engine, as well as the upholstery, new side-screens and tonneau cover, an accessory belt and a crankshaft pulley. A folder lists all the work done. This Austin-Healey is now ready to go back on the road. It will make its future owner very happy.
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