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Serial number SA4420K2A5004395 28,000 km original  Interesting aesthetic configuration  French registration  Founded in 1910 in England, the Morgan Motor Company made a name for itself with its lightweight, high-performance three-wheelers powered by a V-Twin engine borrowed from the motorbike world.  If the demand is weak at the time of the presentation of the first model in 1911 of the mark, it is its successes in competitions which will make the first glorious hours of Morgan.  At the end of the 1930s, Morgan unveiled a new model called the 4/4, powered by a 4-cylinder engine developing 35 horsepower. The newcomer resembled the small MG in its philosophy.  It is the +4 model which will be the most famous in the range of the English firm, its design has remained almost the same since its presentation in 1950 until today.  The production, which is still active today, is handcrafted and remains faithful to its beginnings. Just under 1,000 cars leave the factory each year and only 250 employees work to keep the small roadster tradition alive.  An anniversary edition of the brand, our model is a 2011 Plus 4 with less than 28,000 original km and was bought by the current owner in 2015 when it had only 23,000 km.  Delivered new in this original configuration, the pink leather 'Pink' interior was a special order from the first owner to please his wife. The interior blends well with the grey "Satellite" exterior and is in good original condition.  With its modern mechanics, the little 4-cylinder purrs pleasantly well and is also sporty when pushing the car in the last few minutes.  Propulsion, mechanical gearbox, retro look and modern mechanics, this Morgan is a perfect recipe to attack all possible roads in a serenity and elegance rare today. 
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