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PSEUDO-ARISTOTE, Book of Problems. French... - Lot 101 - Osenat
PSEUDO-ARISTOTE, Book of Problems. French translation of the Problemata Physica of Pseudo-Aristotle by Évrard de Conty, from the Latin translation of Bartolomeo da Messina and their commentary by Pietro d'Abano. In French, bifeuillet from a manuscript France, Paris, ca. 1400 With a grisaille miniature by the Master of the Second Roman de la Rose of the Duke of Berry (active Paris, late 14th-early 15th century) Bifeuillet, parchment, bastard script in brown ink, some calligraphic flourishes, text on two columns (justification: 290 x 198 mm), 50 lines per column, ruled in graphite, running headings and titles in red, fly feet alternately in red or blue, three-line high initials in burnished gold on dark pink and blue backgrounds with white highlights with small colored petals extending into the margins, large initial of seven lines high introducing the XXIst part in pink and blue with gold highlights and colored vine leaves ornamentation, two columns of text separated by a large rod in burnished gold and color with colored and gold vine leaves extending into the margins, miniature drawn and enhanced in grisaille inscribed in the right column (recto). Dimensions of the frame : 350 x 460 mm , dimensions of the folded leaf : 310 x 415 mm , dimensions of the miniature : 85 x 75 mm. Originally from Amiens, Évrart de Conty died in 1405. He was the physician of Charles V and Blanche de Navarre. He signed a translation and commentary of the Pseudo-Aristotelian Problemata translated by Bartolomeo da Messina and his commentary by Pietro d'Abano: "The first part therefore contains the medical problems. The second part contains the problems that belong to the 7 ars liberaus. And the third contains chiaus that belong to natural and moral philosophy". Provenance: Collection of Jean-Joseph Marquet de Vasselot (1871-1946), curator at the Louvre Museum and then Director of the Cluny Museum, art historian specialized in art objects, especially goldsmiths and enamels from Limousin, about which he published many articles. His interest in illuminated manuscripts is confirmed in his works: let us quote for example the following work co-signed with Paul Durrieu (1855 - 1925): Les manuscrits à miniatures des Héroïdes d'Ovide, traduites par Saint-Gelais, et un grand miniaturiste français du XVIe siècle, Paris, 1894. Part of the collection of Jean-Joseph Marquet de Vasselot was dispersed at Christie's, 16 November 2011. Among the famous manuscripts that belonged to Marquet de Vasselot is the Book of Hours of Jeanne de France painted by the Master of Jouvenel des Ursins and Jean Fouquet (Paris, BnF, NAL 3244). According to the BnF record, the 12 leaves kept in Paris, BnF, NAF 3371 were acquired on June 15, 1878 from the bookseller Adolphe Labitte (1832-1882), "libraire de la Bibliothèque nationale" who organized public sales, notably those of Ambroise Firmin-Didot (1878 to 1882). Labitte's provenance is given according to the Registre des achats de la BnF, 1848-1893, n° 6896 : " Fragments d'une traduction des Problèmes d'Aristote, 12 folio leaves, vellum with miniatures, 15th century ". On this bookseller and auctioneer, let us quote the Bulletin du bibliophile (1939) : " Adolphe Labitte, with his sideburns and his golden glasses, had the aspect of a notary, but far from having the gravity of a ministerial officer, he was always hectic. He did not shrink from any fatigue, braving the bad weather of the seasons and deploying a feverish ardor and activity. Thus he climbed on the cars of the Hôtel Drouot when they came to remove the books intended for the auctions, helping the commissioners to unpack the baskets, proceeding to the arrangement of the volumes, harassing and greedy of his falsetto voice the employee whom he had taken to help him. In the afternoon at the Hotel, in the evening at the Silvestre rooms, he was everywhere on the breach, sparing neither his time, nor his pain". Text : This leaflet contains a part of the 35th problem of the XXth part of the Problemata of the Pseudo-Aristotle translated by Evrart de Conty, the 36th problem of the XXth part, the 1st problem of the XXIst part which continues on the back followed by its gloss. The text is complete in the manuscript Paris, BnF, Français 24281 and 24282 (autograph manuscripts). This allows to situate the present bifeuillet in the textual sequence. The text of this work is studied by Françoise Guichard-Tesson and Michèle Goyens, " Comment éditer l'autographe d'une traduction de traduction ", in Scriptorium, tome LXIII, 2009-2, pp. 173-205 , sheets of the present dismembered manuscript are studied on pp. 182-190. About fifteen manuscripts of this text are preserved, complete or not. First leaf, recto : Incipit, problem 35 of the part XX, incomplete of the beginning, " [...] their houses and haulx soliers and make grant fire dessou
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