1997 Fiat 20V Turbo

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1997 Fiat 20V Turbo
Serial number ZFA175000P0040538 Design by Chris Bangle and Pininfarina 220 horsepower under the bonnet Ticket to the events youngtimer Future collector Tracked copy French title In the 1990s, Pininfarina lost the production of the Cadillac Allante, an American convertible for which it had built a new for which it had built a new factory dedicated to its production, and which would suffer a commercial commercial failure. In order to limit costs and save the situation of his production site, he the situation of his production site, he proposed to Fiat to design a a sports coupé, based on the modular platform of the Tipo, which he would manufacture. An agreement was reached between the two parties. Pininfarina imagined designing the features of this new coupé, but had not counted on the fact that it would have to compete with Fiat's in-house Centro Stile. Within the latter, the design director, Ermanno Cressoni, decided to do everything he could to break the routine the routine in which Pininfarina's designs always attract the preference of the the management's preference, and instructed his young American designer designer, Chris Bangle, to come up with a proposal that would to find the proposal that will overshadow the coachbuilder's talents. Thus, unlike unlike Pininfarina, who would make a conventional proposal, Bangle takes the side of originality and audacity, and proposes designs that go against the opposite of its external competitor and won the duel! Pininfarina nonetheless obtained the interior design and was entrusted with the production of the coupé, as was the case with the production of the coupé, as foreseen in the agreement with Fiat. The Fiat Coupé was presented in 1993 with a line that was judged to be very original by the specialist press. by the specialist press and a price/pleasure ratio described as excellent. and a price/driving pleasure ratio that was described as excellent. The slanted grooves on the side of the wings the side of the wings, the protruding chrome cap on the fuel tank, the unusual design of the wheels and headlights, make the Fiat Coupé a clever mix of retro and of retro and modernity. The range began in 1994 with a naturally aspirated 2.0L 16V (142 hp) and a 2.0L 16V turbo, developing 195 hp. A version for each model is released at the same time, with better equipment (e.g. leather interior) and a different tyre size (205/55 (205/55ZR15 versus 195/55VR15 for the 2L16V, and for the 2L16V, and 205/50ZR16 versus 205/50ZR15 for the turbo turbo model). These two engines were replaced in 1997 by three different engines engines: The 1.8L 16V of the Barchetta was the entry-level engine (130 hp). (130 hp). * The 2.0L 20V (147 hp, then 154 hp from 1998). * The 2.0L 20V Turbo (220 hp). This last engine makes the Fiat the Fiat Coupé the fastest car in the history of the brand The 0 to 100km/h is achieved in 6.5s for a top speed (on the track) of of 250 km/h (on the track). According to the file provided by the owner, our car is of Italian Italian origin, so much the better for a Fiat! Registered for the first time for the first time on 21/04/1997, it is one of the 12288 examples manufactured that year. It passed into the hands of the current owner in 2001. in 2001, with 55,000 km on the clock. It is the the 2l 20V Turbo version, the most successful version of the Fiat coupé. A logbook completed by the owner each time the car is driven allows us to the car allows us to trace with precision the kilometres between 2001 and 2016 when the sportiness of this Fiat became a little too Fiat became a little too tiring for our owner. In booklet, a complete file of invoices also accompanies the car the car (CT, numerous invoices). The duplicate keys and keys and the electronic key codes are present. A few dents are to be noted on the bodywork. The blue exterior and the black interior are a perfect match. This sleeping beauty has been since 2016 is waiting for its prince charming to be awakened (a little re-starting will be necessary). With a little more than 100,000 km on the odometer, this is a great opportunity to treat yourself to a sporty coupe that is out of the ordinary, designed by some of the names of the automobile, with a generous engine, this is a future collector in future collector in the making, offering real driving sensations for a very affordable for a very affordable price.
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