ROUGET DE LISLE (Claude Joseph). Autograph... - Lot 15 - Osenat

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ROUGET DE LISLE (Claude Joseph). Autograph... - Lot 15 - Osenat
ROUGET DE LISLE (Claude Joseph). Autograph letter signed to "Mr. Emellin". 2 pp. in-12, address on back. "With your thousand millions of business, YOU ARE A DEVIL OF A MAN WHO CANNOT BE JOINED, AND DURING THIS TIME I'M HUNTING EMPTY, AND THERE IS SO LITTLE TIME THAT I HAVE LOST THE HABITUDE OF IT THAT IT DOESN'T SEEM TO BE HARD FOR ME TO RETURN. Joking aside, I don't have the money: I was planning to go to your place and Mr. Du Chemin tells me that you are leaving at five o'clock. He knows that I gave my word to pay five hundred pounds tomorrow morning and I beg you to give it to him, because I would be in despair if I failed to keep my promise. Moreover, I absolutely need, for my own account and immediately, about a hundred pistols, as much for my moving in and out as for various other small objects. I beg you to keep them ready for me by tomorrow, because otherwise I would not know where to turn. I am not telling you that if you make your trip, I expect us to have everything in order before then. You are too rigid a fellow with others not to be rigid with yourself..." AUTHOR OF THE MARSEILLAISE, CLAUDE JOSEPH ROUGET DE LISLE (1760-1836) first led a military career as an artillery officer, was imprisoned for a time under the Terror, and in 1795 participated in the defense of the territory against the emigrant landing at Quiberon. He resigned from the army in 1797 and devoted himself to his passion for literature. For a long time, he had been tricking his boredom by writing poetry and, from 1789 to 1791, he had obtained a leave of absence which he used to frequent the Parisian literary and musical milieu. He became famous for his Chant de guerre pour l'Armée du Rhin, written in April 1792, which would soon be known as La Marseillaise. Unfortunately, he did not have the same success with his other publications and theatrical works, and experienced great financial difficulties, despite a pension obtained from the July monarchy.
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