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13. BLANCARD (Pierre). Manuel du commerce... - Lot 13 - Osenat
13. BLANCARD (Pierre). Manuel du commerce des Indes, ou Exposé de celui que les nations européennes font et peuvent faire aux Indes orientales, à la Cochinchine, à la Chine, aux isles Philippines, au Golfe persique, et à la mer Rouge. In Paris, by Caille and Ravier, 1806. Fort in-folio, (6)-67 [numbered iii to liv, 2 without number, and lxi to lxxiii]-(1 blank)-544-72-(24) pp, 4 folding tables printed out of the text, grey marbled paper cover, right margin of upper cover and first few leaves slightly faded, rare marginal spotting, volume placed in modern basane-backed cardboard folder with red title-piece and cardboard case. RARE ORIGINAL EDITION, in second issue, complete with its appendix. The first issue was published the same year in Paris by Jean-Baptiste Bernard (originally from Marseille), in Bordeaux by André Melon, and in Marseille by Antoine Sube and Louis Laporte (Cordier, Sinica, col. 2175). The present second issue, from Charles-François Caille and Louis Ravier in Paris, corresponds to a reissue of the previously printed folios, including the P* card, with a renewed false title and title, integrating different honorific details concerning the author, who is no longer presented as "member of the Council of Agriculture, Arts and Commerce of the city of Marseille" but as "member of the Academy of Marseille, corresponding associate of the Academic Society of Sciences of Paris, and of the Athenaeum of the Arts". On the other hand, the leaf bearing the decree on counterfeiters, corresponding to pp. i-ii in the first issue, has been removed. Fold-out map engraved on copperplate out of the text by the engineer geographer Pierre Lapie, future colonel and co-founder of the Geographical Society, woodcut plate out of the text representing different qualities of corals. NOMENCLATURE OF THE PORTS AND THEIR PRODUCTS. Captain Blancard describes all the articles that can be traded in all the port markets he has visited from the African islands of the Atlantic to China and Japan, passing through the Cape of Good Hope, the islands of the Indian Ocean, the coasts of Arabia, Basra, the coasts of India (including the French trading posts) to Bengal, without forgetting Ceylon, then Sumatra, Java, Batavia (now Jakarta), Borneo, the Moluccas and Cochinchina. REFLECTIONS ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF TRADE WITH THE ORIENT. In a long appendix entitled "Considerations on the Trade of India", Pierre Blancard examines this trade from the point of view of the prospects which it offers to national industry, and approaches his subject from a liberal point of view, marking his hostility to monopolies and advocating freedom of trade. INTRODUCER OF CHRYSANTHEM IN EUROPE, CAPTAIN PIERRE BLANCARD (1741-1826) embraced his father's career as a sailor, made ten voyages to the West Indies between 1759 and 1771, then six voyages to the Indies and China from 1772 to 1791, being entrusted, in particular, from 1783 to 1785, with the task of supplying the squadron of the Bailli de Suffren. It was he who brought back from the Far East the first samples of chrysanthemums, giving them to the abbot Audibert who belonged to a family of shipowners from Marseille for whom he had worked. He opportunely retired when the war between revolutionary France and England broke out. The present work has earned him wide academic recognition.
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