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1961 ASTON MARTIN DB4 « SERIES III » Serial Number 687L Matching Numbers Same owner since 1977 Original French Rare aesthetic configuration French Registration Card 1958, London Motor Show, Aston Martin presents a completely new car from the chassis to the engine. Creating the event around its stand, the English brand has just tipped its production in the modern era and marks a pronounced step into the big leagues. With 240 horsepower under the hood and a 6-cylinder in-line engine with dual aluminum camshafts all powered by two large SU HD8 carburettors, the DB4 is a fierce competitor to the Ferrari 250 or Jaguar XK150 and then Jaguar Type-E whose engines have many similarities. The DB4 will be restyled by many versions in the interest of aesthetic and mechanical improvements; many engine overheats were to be deplored on the first versions. Meanwhile, Aston Martin won the first place at the Le Mans 24h in 1959 thanks to the DBR1 and the driving talent of Caroll Shelby which increases the sales of the DB4. The bodywork, designed in an elegant «fast back» is due to a judicious marriage of the firm with the company Touring who will struggle on this model to make aluminum sheets on a tubular lattice. Another Anglo-Italian wedding was celebrated in 1960 with the arrival of their creation, the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato designed by Ercole Spada and assembled in only 19 copies at the Milanese body shop. The GT Zagato is surely one of the most beautiful post-war cars ever created and will bring the DB4 into the legend. In 1961, the Series III of the DB4 was unveiled, which will be fitted with new tail lights and is also the latest version to carry the original grille of the first series. The DB4 range will end in 1963 with the V series, very close to the Aston Martin DB5. Originally delivered in this beautiful «plum» colour, this Aston Martin DB4 was bought by a rich Pyrenean wooler in 1961. Extremely rare on our roads at the time, the car must have been a real curiosity in this steep country where the song of the 6 cylinders was amplified by the echo of the mountains. After a few years of employment and pleasure, the craftsman sells his beautiful English to a Parisian dancer who gives it to Mr Bertin, banker in Paris. Manic and in love with his coupe, this third owner took care to have his car regularly maintained at Richard Williams in London which allowed him to go through the decade by preserving his beautiful patina of time. It is in 1977, 16 years after the factory exit of this DB4 that Mr M. great collector of English cars and famous writer of books on the brand bought this one, seduced by its history and by its rare French origin. To have this copy before the eyes is to participate in an experience where almost all the senses are awakened; the vision of this mythical line sublimated by this original color is a preview. Entering its interior means taking place aboard a time capsule; everything is there as in 1961, only the force of time made its work by magnifiing the aesthetic aspect of this coupe. The black leathers have a nice patina of use as the whole dashboard but everything remains in good condition and especially functional, the different owners took great care to keep the car in working condition whatever the time. A quarter of a key to the right and the 6 cylinders in line shakes in front of you in a roque but discreet sound. When driving, the DB4 behaves very well and remain surprised by its mechanical health for a lady who has just blown her 60 candles. Steering, braking, acceleration, clutch, everything is perfectly adjusted and call to drive this car sculpture for long hours on the country roads. From a car that made us dream when leaving the factory in 1961, our model has lost nothing of its superb; if some things improve with age, this DB4 may be part of it. We offer you a mythical model with a prestigious history.
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