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70000 - 90000 EUR
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Result : 61 200EUR
Serial number : 677744 - Carrosserie Chapron
Unique example in the world
Played in " La Rumba " 1985
Played in " Itinéraire d'un enfant gâté " 1988
Mileage : 45 318 km - Cabriolet Mylord
French car registration

It was at the 1926 Motor Show that the new 15 HP Renault 6-cylinder car (radiator at the rear of the engine) appeared for the first time. It can be considered as the precursor of the range of six and eight cylinders that were to become the Vivasix, Primastella, Nervastella and of course the Vivastella. But it is in 1930 with the change of place of the radiator that a new generation of cars is born with modern forms. Despite these fundamental changes, the names of these cars remain the same. On the Vivastella, each year brings its change in its body line, today it is hard to believe that these cars have the same name! In 1934, the Vivasport appears, using the body of the Primastella YZ-2 but adopting a new 6 cylinders 3620 cm3. With the YZ-4 type, the Vivasport adopts the tail style very fashionable for sports cars at the time.
This Renault Vivasport with Chapron bodywork has remained in the same family for almost 40 years.
Well known by Parisian car enthusiasts, it was often taken out and always admired. It is to this day the only known Vivasport with Chapron bodywork. The car is in very good condition, the in-line 6 cylinder engine starts and runs normally. The interior and especially the dashboard are very fine. The patina that it has undergone after its restoration gives it all its charm today.
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