TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (Henri de). Autograph letter... - Lot 56 - Osenat

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TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (Henri de). Autograph letter... - Lot 56 - Osenat
TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (Henri de). Autograph letter signed with his initial, addressed to Adèle Tapié de Céleyran. S.l., [perhaps December 1894]. 3 pp. in-8 "MY Dear MOTHER MOTHER, I AM VERY SHOCKED AT THIS TIME, I HAVE MY NEW DECORATOR'S JOB, it is necessary to run to the right and to the left to bring back documents. And it's pretty absorbent. I think Daddy has to moan, if not officially, at least inside, because there's talk of building in the city. I think the manager of the Prince of Monaco wrote to him along those lines. If he hasn't told you about it, don't bring up that scabrous subject that must make him mad. Grandmaison looks lively and the gusset is filled [probably the theologian and literary critic Léonce Lorzeau de Grandmaison]. I don't know if I'll be able to escape for New Year's Day, because the play [ît] appears in the first days of January [perhaps the Indian play Le Chariot de terre cuite, created in an adaptation by Victor Barrucand, at the Nouveau-Théâtre de Lugné-Poë in January 1900, for which the painter made two lithographs, one for a poster and the other for the edition of the text]. I HAVE HAD A NEW PHOTO MADE OF ME AND WILL SEND IT TO YOU SOON. IT IS VERY NATURAL. Gabriel is a bit influenced and I am not yet. I give you a hug. Yours... I'm sending you Y. Guilbert dans le bon [Toulouse-Lautrec made lithographs in 1894 depicting Yvette Guilbert, several of which he published in a collection bearing the name of the actress and singer]. "MOTHER OF THE PAINTER, Adèle Tapié de Céleyran, Countess of Toulouse-Lautrec (1841-1930), gave her active support in her artistic beginnings, and kept her tenderness when, considered to have fallen, he reluctantly broke with his milieu. She would only abandon him at the end of his life when he multiplied eccentricities.
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