Georges COLIN (1876-1917) Farman Automobiles... - Lot 9 - Osenat

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2500 - 4000 EUR
Georges COLIN (1876-1917) Farman Automobiles... - Lot 9 - Osenat
Georges COLIN (1876-1917) Farman Automobiles desk set "Le vol d'Icare" desk set in bronze with two brown patinas and medal, represents Icarus on a rock, wings spread, watched over by two attentive vultures. The set rests on a green marble base with two retractable ink fountains and a recess for pencils and pens. Signed on Riprap G. Colin, dated 1907 and numbered 10, bears the stamp of the Syndicat des Fabricants de bronze 1818 France . Farman Automobiles cartridge on the front of the base. Dimensions: Height. With base: 42 cm, width: 52 cm, depth: 24 cm. Weight: 18.3 kg. History: This statue of Icarus was originally made by G. Colin for the monument in honour of Santos Dumont which was inaugurated in 1913. Melted down during the Second World War, a replica was made in 1952 and installed in Place Santos Dumont in Saint Cloud. The Automobiles Farman, created in 1920, took this work as their emblem and decorated their radiator caps with it. The date of 1907 is therefore the date of the original sculpture, the print presented here, after the artist's death, dates rather from the early 1920s. Its high cost and very limited production reserved it for the offices of the firm's directors or those of the largest dealerships.
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