Simplex Type 602 Circa 1953 Chassis n°1269... - Lot 32 - Osenat

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Simplex Type 602 Circa 1953 Chassis n°1269... - Lot 32 - Osenat
Simplex Type 602 Circa 1953 Chassis n°1269 Type DR Engine n°2152 Type 662 Plate n°2196262 To be registered as a classic vehicle ` At the end of the war, French agriculture, like the rest of the country, was in dire straits. The Marshall Plan, among other things, provided farmers with farming equipment, and gradually replaced draught animals. But it wasn't the Americans who were to impose their industry, but small French craftsmen, like the Reymond company, who took on the task. A zest for innovation, a dash of aesthetics and a pinch of commercial proximity - that's how Monsieur Reymond defined himself. Close to farmers, Monsieur Reymond knew their needs and, as early as 1947, produced the Simplex 602, a small all-purpose tractor with a rear engine and rear-wheel drive for excellent wheel turning. Legend has it that Renault bought one of these tractors, and copied all its tricks. The example we present is one of the versions fitted with the engine of our national 4CV. It appears to be complete, and the engine had been restarted before the tractor was put into storage. Tractors are unique in that they are registered and can therefore legally circulate on the road. After a little care and attention, our little simplex will once again be able to enjoy the country air, or wear out the Parisian pavement, because with its small dimensions, it'll fit in just about anywhere!
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