Amilcar M2 1929 Chassis n°26693 Engine n°74113... - Lot 29 - Osenat

Lot 29
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10000 - 20000 EUR
Amilcar M2 1929 Chassis n°26693 Engine n°74113... - Lot 29 - Osenat
Amilcar M2 1929 Chassis n°26693 Engine n°74113 French registration The story of our Amilcar is succulent, to say the least. Its current owner, a fervent supporter of the brand and an enthusiast of vehicles in original condition, learns at a rally that an Amilcar rally is soon to be held. In no time at all, he went to register with his beautiful CGS, but was refused access, as the rally was reserved for square bodies only! A few days later, as he flipped through the pages of LVA on his way down south, he came across a tempting Amilcar ad that caught his eye. After a phone call to the owner, he turned left in the direction of Montargis, where he came face to face with our Amilcar M2, which hasn't move for 36 years. He fell in love instantly, bought the car and set to work. A few months later, here he is at the start of rally, his gamble paid off! Looking at the old registration papers, we think that our Amilcar is now a 4th hand. The first owner kept it for 26 years, the second for 15, the third for 36 and the current owner for 18. Each one of them paid great attention to her, as she is today in magnificent original condition, with the exception of the interior trim, which was completely redone in 2014, according to the rules of the art. After the rally, our enthusiast will take care to make the car completely reliable, as the invoices for the almost 17,000 euros spent since its purchase show. Today, the car is in remarkable condition. Mechanically, everything has been checked and replaced where necessary to make the car perfectly reliable. All the bodywork has been preserved, and is a treat for fans of the original state. Finally, the interior trim, which had suffered too much, has been replaced in keeping with the original, and blends in perfectly with the rest of the car. This Amilcar is a superb opportunity to step into the world of pre-war cars with a reliable, easy-to-maintain car whose history has seen it through a century without being over-restored. With its Coquille trunk and KAP protective slats, our Amilcar has had only the best accessories!
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