Simca 9 Sport 1953 Châssis n°48914 
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Simca 9 Sport 1953 Châssis n°48914 
 Moteur... - Lot 27 - Osenat
Simca 9 Sport 1953 Châssis n°48914 
 Moteur n°128403
 Carte Grise Française Less than 1,500 Simca 9 Sport have been produced between September 1952 and August 1954 by Facel Metallon, it was based on the aronde chassis, with a body combining aluminium and steel. The new Simca 9 Sport appeared at the 1952 Paris Motor Show. Designed by Jean Daninos, it was extremely sleek and had an impeccable finish. With its modest engine and substantial weight, the car was not a great sports car, but it was undeniably elegant. That said, the model took part in a number of prestigious races, including the Mille Miglia, as well as a number of competitions, allowing it to show off its dress to best advantage. In 1954, it changed its name to a more coherent 'coupé de ville'. The example on display has benefited from an early restoration that has given it a beautiful overall patina, while the interior in patinated green leather has been preserved in its original state. Our examination of the car revealed the presence of rust, particularly on the right-hand chassis beam, which will need to be treated before the car can be fully enjoyed. The car will also have to be restarted, even if the engine is running freely. We had concentrated our efforts on the design and harmony of the bodywork," explains Jean Daninos. Personally, I think this '53 is the most beautiful of all the cars we subcontracted for Simca. And we achieved our goal, because everyone praised its aesthetic beauty, its finish and its originality. The Simca 9 Sport was only produced for 3 years, at a very high price: higher than the price of a 356 Porsche. A luxury car not only in terms of price, but also in terms of its finish and interior with many leather upholsteries, there were very few customers for this exclusive car in the Coupé version alone. Excessively rare, these elegant cars are increasingly sought after by enthusiasts of good taste looking for a very elegant sports coupé that is reliable, easy to maintain and capable of driving in both summer and winter! Fun fact: as a result of the various takeovers between Talbot, Simca, Chrysler and PSA, the Simca 9 Sports were transformed into Talbot Sports 52s at the prefecture! At the rear, the FM badge for "Facel Metallon". Later, Facel-Véga cars would bear the Facel S.A. crest, with the arms of the city of Paris in place of the M. This Simca is a perfect blend of discreet, refined elegance and sleek, sporty styling. This roof shape appeared in 1951 on the only Bentley 4.5l designed by Jean Daninos and was used again in the Simca 9 coupé sport in 1953, as well as on Facel's first Véga prototype, presented to the press in July 1954 and to the public in October of the same year. The Sport's engine was 'pumped up', developing 51 hp instead of the saloon's 45 hp.
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