Malle militaire Avions Marcel Bloch (Dassault)... - Lot 7 - Osenat

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Malle militaire Avions Marcel Bloch (Dassault)... - Lot 7 - Osenat
Malle militaire Avions Marcel Bloch (Dassault) Type MB.151, 1938 Dimensions: Height 67.5 cm; Width 108 cm; Depth 60 cm. Wooden military transport trunk with hinged lid and black handle on each side. Printed with an inscription AVIONS MARCEL BLOCH TYPE 151 on the lid, and handwritten in red "601 bis". The 601 aircraft in Marcel Bloch's production is not actually an MB.151 but an MB.152, a further development of the MB.15O. The MB. 152 was assigned to GC II/9, 3ieme Esc. Shot down in aerial combat on June 3, 1940 during a clash with a group of bombers protected by Bf109s. The plane crashed in flames at Verberie (Oise) and its pilot, Sergeant SIBIRIL, was killed. This trunk could hold all the equipment needed to store radios, parachutes, cartography and spare parts. MARCEL BLOCH AVIONS TYPE 150 to 157: Société des avions Marcel Bloch is a French aeronautical company founded in 1929 by Marcel Bloch (1892-1996). Although he changed his name to Marcel Dassault in 1946, it was under this name that the Dassault group became one of the world leaders in military aeronautics. In the 1930s, the arms race leading up to the Second World War was intense, particularly in the aeronautical sector. Rapid technological advances in aviation played a crucial role in military operations at the start of the war. In France, during the period 1939 - 1940, the French air force had several types of aircraft at its disposal for the defense of the skies, including those produced by Marcel Bloch's production lines. France was preparing for the Battle of France, which took place from May to June 1940. The Bloch MB.150 and its derivatives MB.151 to MB.157 were French military aircraft developed by the Société anonyme des avions Marcel Bloch, and built in series at the Châteauroux plant. On August 18, 1938, the prototype - a single-seat fighter derived from the Bloch MB-150 - renamed the Bloch 151, made its maiden flight. It was a new, heavily modified version, an all-metal single-seater. Thanks to engineer Lucien Servanty, this specificity made it possible to mass-produce these aeroplanes, combined with modern manufacturing processes. With a total weight of 2,522 kg, the fighter is powered by a Gnome et Rhône 14N-35 direct drive star engine developing 930 hp at 4,400 m, and enabling a top speed of 460 km/h at 4,000 m. Moreover, in 1939, it was the only fighter in the world to be fitted with 2 Hispano-Suiza HS-404 20 mm cannons firing outside the propeller field. A total of 750 MB 150 series Blochs have been built since the date of first flight on May 4, 1937.
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