DESHOULIERES (Mme ): Poésies. Mabre-Cramoisy,... - Lot 49 - Osenat

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DESHOULIERES (Mme ): Poésies. Mabre-Cramoisy,... - Lot 49 - Osenat
DESHOULIERES (Mme ): Poésies. Mabre-Cramoisy, 1688. 2 vols. in-8 red jansenist morocco, interior lace, gilt edges (Pouillet). Frontispiece portrait. Text fully set. A superb, perfectly established copy. First edition of the only collection of poems published by Mme Deshoulières during her lifetime. A disciple of Gassendi, highly erudite and associated with the beaux esprits of her time, she ran one of the most brilliant salons of the period. Elected to the Académie des Ricovrati in 1684, and then to the Académie d'Arles in 1689, Antoinette Des Houlières (1638-1694) was the first woman academician in France, and was regarded as the foremost female poet of her time. Breaking with a long tradition of silence, Jacques Vier, following in Sainte-Beuve's footsteps, praises her poetic work in his recent 'Histoire de la littérature': "She comes to make verse the confidant of an increasingly rich and nuanced inner life". (Brunet, II, 626. Gay, III, 786. F. Lachèvre, Les derniers libertins , XI, 116. Tchemerzine-Scheler, II, 807).
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