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OFFICER'S NECESSAIRE CASSETTE CONTAINING FOUR FLINTLOCK PISTOLS. In burr walnut, with brass edge and reinforcing corners (lid cracked). On the top, an armorial cartouche, recessed handle and on the front, brass miter and lock escutcheon en suite. Open, it is lined on the inside with green cloth with gilded braid around the edges. It features: -A pair of officer's flintlock combat pistols. The barrels are flush-faced, hair-striped, slightly blunderbussed at the muzzles, rebleued and engraved on the top. "Fourni par Fatou rue Du Bacq à Paris", stamped on the thunderbolts with three "GR" hallmarks, signed on the underside "Brosaur". Flat-bodied, finely engraved plates, dogs and swan-neck dogs. Bassinets with large spark arrestors. Cut-out steel fittings, finely decorated with engravings, flowering vases, foliage, leaf friezes, ; palms. Silver octagonal knobs edged with a frieze and chased in high relief with crowned imperial eagles. All screws guilloché. Fanon rods with iron tips. Long-barrel stocks in selected walnut, varnished, finely squared and dappled, carved with foliage around the breech tail. -Accompanied by a second pair of flintlock Basque pistols. Round barrels with forced bullet, numbered "1" and "2". Cases engraved "Manufacture" on one side, and "à Versailles" on the other. Safety catches on the back of the dogs. Line-edged trunks, dogs and bolster covers. Beautiful varnished walnut stocks, squared off and carved with foliage and acanthus leaves. Engraved recessed triggers, pebbled basin covers. -And accessories: ebony cleaning rod and tamping rod with brass knobs for one, two bullet molds of different calibers corresponding to each pair of pistols, a brass oiler, a spring remover, a barrel brush, a mallet, a screwdriver-pin driver, a steel bullet puller, a marbled clear horn powder flask with gilded copper fittings and spring spout. Cloverleaf key. B.E. First Empire - Restoration period for the arms, boxed at the time. (Barrels reblued, minor wear, pistols in perfect condition, case sheathing old but later). Cassette: 29 x 44.3 x Ht: 8.5 cm. Length of pair n°1: 355mm. Length of pair of box guns: 142 mm. BROSAUR: gunmaker in Saint Etienne, late 18th century.
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