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COFFRET NECESSAIRE WITH PAIR OF OFFICER'S FLINTLOCK PISTOLS FROM "BOUTET A VERSAILLES". In light walnut, marbled, with black-stained flanged edges, lined inside with green cloth. It contains: -A long pair of "BOUTET à VERSAILLES" senior officer's flintlock pistols. Hair-rifled, multi-panel barrels on a grey amati background, entirely inlaid with gold fillets and decorated with a semiset of stars on a gold background, hallmarked with thunderbolts on a gold background: on the left panels "B C", on the upper panels "N B" and on the right panels "L. G". All surrounded by engraved gilded decoration: laurel wreaths, foliage, cannons, clouds and palms. Gold-trimmed lights and basins. These barrels are signed "BOUTET Directeur Artiste" on the left sides and "Manufacture à Versailles" on the right sides. Flat-bodied locks, decorated with friezes and signed "BOUTET Directeur Artiste" on one and "MANUF Versailles" on the other. Flat-bodied, finely engraved dogs, upper jaws and breech covers. Breech-cover springs with rollers. Cut-out, mirror-polished iron fittings decorated with flowers, flower urns, shells, military attributes, foliage, pine cones, trophies and spider webs. Oval knobs decorated with fine engraving of wreaths of foliage and flowers. Selected walnut crossbars with long shafts, finely chequered and carved around the edges. Wooden chopsticks with ivory tips, held in place by three chopstick holders. B.E. Directoire period. - With accessories: Cleaning rod, brass-tipped wooden tamping rod-iron ball-pulling and cleaning rod, screwdriver, ball mold, spring remover, light disgorger, brass-trimmed blond horn mallet and powder flask with measuring spout, oiler, ball-puller. And key. All in perfect condition and of the highest quality. All original parts. Length of pistols: 386 mm. Case: Length: 490 mm-Width: 300 mm-Height: 115 mm. Provenance: -Former Charles Marchal Collection. This cassette with a pair of "BOUTET à Versailles" pistols can be found : -In a photo with description in the official catalog of the IXth Biennale Internationale des Antiquaires at the Grand Palais in Paris from September 21 to October 8, 1978. -On the catalog of the Napoleon exhibition held in Tokyo from September 29 to October 4, 1977, organized under the patronage : -the newspaper MAINICHI. -the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. -Japan's State Secretariat for Cultural Affairs. -France's Ministry of Culture and the Environment. -The French Embassy in Japan. -Air France. Photo under no. 272 and description: "Collection Charles Marchal"-"Pair of pommel pistols with their box and accessories, offered to Napoleon by the city of Paris". Note: Not having any document on this subject and after having looked for a trace of their attribution, in particular near the people having dealt with the Marchal succession, it was answered to us that all its files had been burned by the family. To the best of my knowledge, having known and worked with Mr. Marchal, he would certainly not have given a fanciful attribution or provenance to any of his objects, and he would undoubtedly have been in possession of a paper or attestation at the time, or even information enabling him to give such an attribution.
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