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PRINCE IMPERIAL (LOUIS-NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, KNOWN AS LE). Set of 5 letters. 1872 and 1870s. - Autograph letter signed "Louis-Napoléon" to Charles Duperré. Camden Place to Chislehurst, March 20, 1872. "I received your wishes with great joy [on the occasion of the anniversary of his birth on March 16], and your advice with fruit, I hope, but I wish very sincerely that you could repeat them to me here in person, where we have spent together days that I hope will be the saddest of our lives; It will soon be a year since we parted, and I had hoped to have the happiness of seeing you again after such a long time, but it seems that Versailles has decided otherwise [the Chamber of Deputies sat in Versailles from March 1871 to July 1879], and that they want to take away even the joy of seeing our loved ones again! I RECEIVED FOR MY HOLIDAY QUANTITIES OF LETTERS FROM OFFICERS, WHICH CAUSED ME A GREAT PLEASURE AS YOU WILL THINK; A DEPUTATION OF YOUNG PEOPLE, AND A LARGE NUMBER OF FRENCH WENT TO CAMDEN, and you will easily understand that I was moved when I compared last year's March 16th with this year's. I'm sure you'll understand why I was so moved. Au revoir, cher Monsieur Duperré, je vous embrasse comme je vous aime, de tout cœur..." (one p. 3/4 in-8). On the future Admiral Charles Duperré, see no. 35 above. - Autograph letter signed "Louis-Napoléon" to a princess, n.d. " ... I must thank you for your attention on behalf of everyone here: for I did not want to keep your present for myself alone. I hope that before long I will have the pleasure of seeing you again and thanking you in person...". (one p. in-8). - Letter signed "Louis-Napoléon". Camden Place to Chislehurst, "March 19". "I know what duties keep you in France, and how useful your presence there is. What we hear from those who return from over there constantly adds to the esteem and gratitude we have for you..." (one p. in-12, dictated to his former tutor Augustin Filon). - Letter signed "Napoléon" to Jules Cornuau. Camden Place to Chislehurst, "September 10". "I am very touched, my dear Monsieur Cornuau, by the wishes you have addressed to me on the occasion of the fifteenth of August [date of Saint Napoleon's Day], and by the remembrance you preserve in memory of the one you served with such fidelity and talent. I have no doubt that your career will soon reopen before your activity and devotion. On that day, no one will follow your efforts with more interest and gratitude than I..." (3/4 p. in-8, mourning border). Under the Second Empire, Jules Cornuau (1821-1903) was Secretary General of the Ministry of the Interior, then Prefect of the Somme from 1860 to 1869, and Prefect of Seine-et-Oise from 1869 to the fall of the regime. - Autograph letter signed "Napoléon" to Charles Duperré. S.l.n.d. "I thank you most affectionately for your wishes and also for the charming and practical memory that accompanied them. I will become a smoker in order to make use of the gift I received from you; I will find a new charm in the cigarettes that your box will contain, because as I burn them, my thoughts will naturally turn to you. WE ARE ENTERING WITH FULL SAIL (I NEVER FORGET I'M TALKING TO A FUTURE ADMIRAL) A CRISIS SIMILAR TO THE ONE THAT FOLLOWED THE EVENTS OF 48. THE EMPIRE WILL PROFIT, I'm convinced, but impatient people need a little patience, and I fear that the party will be discouraged by the former optimists who had believed in an impossible victory and who have been brought down by defeat. I enclose a note for the brave of the brave... The Empress sends me a thousand kind regards and thanks you for your good wishes...". (3 pp. in-8, letterhead printed with his crowned initial). Joint: TOUCHATOUT (Léon Bienvenu, dit). Le Trombinoscope, n° 111. Paris, September 1873. Bifeuillet in-4. Issue devoted to the imperial prince, nicknamed "Vélocipède IV", in a fierce mocking tone. Illustrated with a woodcut portrait-charge.
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