EUGÉNIE (IMPERATRICE). Autograph letter to... - Lot 46 - Osenat

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EUGÉNIE (IMPERATRICE). Autograph letter to... - Lot 46 - Osenat
EUGÉNIE (IMPERATRICE). Autograph letter to Charles Duperré. S.l., July 12, 1871. 8 pp. in-12. " ... I cannot believe the answer given by the commission, I had believed until now that the regime of community was more profitable to the woman because of the a[c]quêts. But AS WE ARE OUTSIDE THE LAW, they will no doubt do as they please. I had been assured that we wanted to be fair, but God willing. I didn't intend to sell the little house, especially now, but I didn't want to do anything that would tie my hands for the future. I hope that P... is established in the little house, he will give me the greatest pleasure and will be very useful to me. I ALSO WISH TO HAVE A COPY OF THE FURNITURE INVENTORED FOR THE TABLES IN THE LARGE HOUSE; it's better not to do anything for the moment. No one has written to me about the business yet. L'HISTOIRE DES VASES DE Mr. BASSET M'INTRIGUE, je voudrais en avoir l'explication [probably the orientalist René Basset, a specialist in, among other things, Islam in China]. WE NEED TO TALK TO P... DU MUSEE DES CHINOISERIES [installed in the Palais de Fontainebleau by the Empress, and preserving the French imperial couple's share of the loot collected when the Summer Palace of the Chinese emperors was looted in 1860, and which the Third Republic, following lengthy proceedings against Eugénie, would declare to belong to her as public property]... What is deposited with Domingo's brother should be sent to me here as soon as possible, by a safe route, and as they are due to leave, it would be better not to deposit anything with them for the time being, my niece from M[ou]chy [Anne Murat, duchesse de Mouchy, granddaughter of Joachim Murat and Caroline Bonaparte] will take care of what would hinder the p[rin]ce. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, ANYTHING OF VALUE, I'D RATHER HAVE IT HERE... ELECTIONS ARE A REACTION AGAINST THE ABSURDITES OF THE RIGHT, but I was greatly upset[e] because of our friend. All things considered, we must console ourselves for our failure by thinking how difficult the position would have been... Our life is going on as before, the days are the same, but I like the monotony. Take care and think of those who are absent. I don't think they're wrong for you, do you..." On the future Admiral Charles Duperré, see n° 35 above.
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