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PRINCE IMPÉRIAL (LOUIS-NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, KNOWN AS LE). Set of 2 autograph letters signed. S.l., [early 1860s]. - Autograph letter signed "Louis Napoléon" to Louis CONNEAU. "My dear little Conneau, I hope you are not bored in Saint-Cloud, because you have your little sister. I shall be very happy to see you again, my dear little Conneau, I embrace you with all my heart..." (one p. 1/2 in-8, embossed letterhead with crowned initial "N"). ATTACHED: CONNEAU (Louis). Autograph card signed. Dole, July 31, 1913. Accompanies the sending of this autograph as a gift. A CAMARADE D'ENFANCE AUX JOURS HEUREUX DE L'EMPIRE, LOUIS CONNEAU DEMEURA POUR LE PRINCE IMPERIAL UN CONFIDENT DANS LES EPREUVES DE L'EXIL et même le complice enthousiaste d'une reconquête rêvée. LOUIS CONNEAU followed a military career, serving as a cadet at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich, before entering Saint-Cyr and becoming a general. - Autograph letter signed "Louis-Napoléon" to his "dear aunt" [probably PRINCESSE MATHILDE]. "I regret very much not having been able to write to you earlier, but I have been thinking of you a lot. I HAVE BEEN HAVING A GREAT TIME IN BIARRITZ, but I am very happy to be closer to you now. I kiss you with all my heart as I love you..." (one p. in-8). Princess Mathilde was the daughter of Jérôme Bonaparte, niece of Napoleon I and first cousin of Napoleon III. ATTACHED, from the same source: 4 handwritten telegraph dispatches. Fontainebleau, April 1870. To her mother, Empress Eugénie, April 19, 1870: "My dear mother, ... WE HAD A GREAT TIME, SAILING AND PLAYING IN THE PARK. I HOPE WE WILL HAVE A GOOD HUNT TOMORROW if the weather is good. We're very happy at Fontainebleau... " To his father Napoleon III, April 20, 1870: "My dear Papa, I HAVE COME BACK FROM THE HUNT, not very tired, but very happy. It was very pleasant, the deer entered the river three times, we all had a good time..." To his father Napoleon III, April 22, 1870: "My dear Dad, the day went very well; Mom is about to leave again. She had a good walk, but she's a little tired. I'll be happy to join you tomorrow...". To his father Napoleon III, April 23, 1870: "My dear Dad, I'm doing very well; it rained here this morning. We'll leave at 2 a.m. and I'll have the pleasure of kissing you at 4 a.m..."
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