Moto-Guzzi Sport 14 circa 1929

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Moto-Guzzi Sport 14 circa 1929
Frame number : 7431 Chassis n° 11037 Engine n°11037 French registration «Una Storia Italiana» The Sport 14 we are offering belongs to a family of motorbike collectors. Acquired in 1981 in Italy, it has been rigorously maintained since then. Its participation in the last Vintage Revival Montlhéry, where we were able to see it on the ring, confirmed the good shape of this Italian bike, which is celebrating its 96th birthday this year. The restoration, which dates back several decades, is breathtaking, considering the current state of the bike. Following the First World War, Carlo Guzzi created, in 1921 with Giorgio Parodi, the two-wheeler brand that would become the leader in Italy. From the beginning, the engine was based on a horizontal single cylinder in order to obtain a very low and stable motorbike. Guzzi chose a 500 cc horizontal single cylinder as the engine architecture. It is certainly not the first one, but the innovations are numerous: 13,2 hp/3 800 rpm - Compression ratio 4,5 - External flywheel - Cylinder and cylinder head made of cast iron - Lateral intake and exhaust valves - Lubrication by dry sump and circulation pump - 3-speed hand gearbox - Primary gearing, secondary by chain - Double cradle frame - Front suspension with parallelogram - Tyres with parallelograms. Parallelogram suspension - 3.00 x 19" tyres - 88mm x 82mm square engine instead of the long strokes that were the rule at the time. It should also be noted that apart from the Amac carburettor and the Dunlop tyres everything was produced in Italy. The recipe would endure for over fifty years, making Moto Guzzi a legend. The first Sport version appeared in 1923 and was replaced in 1929 by the Sport 14 model, which, according to the advertising of the time, brought thirty improvements. In reality, it was the electrical equipment (separate magneto and dynamo) and the chassis that were modernised with a new geometry, a new fork and a front drum brake, whereas the first Sport had only one rear brake. Thanks to the reliability of its models, Guzzi experienced a meteoric rise and became, in 1929, the best-selling brand in Italy. The Mandello factory employed five hundred people and the Sport 14 alone, produced at a rate of fifty units per week, sold 4,285 units in its two years of existence. These astonishing figures for the time are even more impressive when one considers that only fifty examples of the first Guzzi of 1921 were built. The production of the different versions of the 500cc semi-turbocharged Moto Guzzi, Sport, Sport 14 and 15 and the S and GTS types with rear suspension, did not end until 1940, with a total of more than 17-500 bikes sold. The advantage of motorbikes is that everything is visible, so you can enjoy the craftsmanship of the Mandello del Lario factory, especially with the parallelogram front fork. The Moto Guzzi's engine flywheel has become its signature. Called the ham slicer by insiders, it must be said that the resemblance is striking! Marketing to promote Italian regional products? The Sport 14 is one of the archetypes of the Italian motorbike. Its exemplary reliability, as well as its easy maintenance, makes it perfectly suited to regular use for classic motorbike outings. Its level of finish will not fail to attract the attention of connoisseurs. Note that a small leak in the fuel tank will have to be repaired, otherwise Sunday rides will be cut short.
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