Simca 5 découvrable 1938 / Sans réserve

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Simca 5 découvrable 1938 / Sans réserve
Simca 5 convertible 1938 Chassis n°25686 Ex-Jacques Blomet French registration No reserve The 'Big' little car This car comes from the collection of Jacques Blomet, former president of the Teuf-Teuf club between 1964 and 1976. Purchased by its current owner in 2015, he has kept it in the same condition as he acquired it. It is Jacques Blomet, who, together with Mr Roux, is at the origin of the first regulation on collector's registration cards, recognised on 19 April 1966 by the Public Authorities in accordance with circular CR166, in order to get the "old cars" of the beginning of the century back on the road. The notion of collector's vehicle appears from then on, and will put a number of restorations, and will avoid the square cases and other vehicles of the first hours to end tragically their days in the scrap yard... On the other hand, Mr. Jacques Blomet is one of those who, with Malartre, Burnat, Goni, de Lassée, Chamboderon, Loreille, Buthaud, Cornière and Pozzoli, are at the origin of the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles (FFVE), which was born on January 11th, 1967. Jacques Blomet was a great enthusiast, fond of both prestigious and popular French cars, representing the entire French automotive heritage. The Simca five (Fiat 500 Topolino A) is a small popular two-seater car "for less than 10,000 francs" (9,900 francs), designed by Fiat engineers in Turin before the Second World War. It was presented for the first time at Nanterre in the first Simca factory on 10 March 1936, three months before the Italian version, and 46,472 were produced. Simca's management explained: "We are ahead of the wishes expressed on the other side of the Rhine", alluding to the future German Volkswagen "Beetle", which would not come out until 1938. The owner's plate and the St. Christopher are present. With five litres of petrol, the Simca 5 is particularly impressive, achieving 160 km at an average speed of 45 km/h, i.e. an average consumption of 3.1 L/100 km. An engine in the air of time. Ours, which has been out of service for almost fifty years, will need to be rebuilt before it can roar again. The original soft top has had its day and will have to be changed if you want to go out in the rain! The original interior is also quite outdated, but what a charm! This Simca 5 convertible would have been stored in 1979 in a closed garage while it was still in working order. We found that the engine was seized, not surprising when you know that it has never been dismantled. It seems to be complete with its period accessories. Our model is to be fully restored and is presented in a moving original condition. The "original" car enthusiast can choose to restore all the mechanical and safety components and leave the bodywork in its 1938 condition!
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