circa 1953 LIUZZI MONOCOQUE FL Type : Runabout Length... - Lot 3 - Osenat

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circa 1953 LIUZZI MONOCOQUE FL Type : Runabout Length... - Lot 3 - Osenat
circa 1953 LIUZZI MONOCOQUE FL Type : Runabout Length : 5,50 m Width : 1,82 m Weight : approx. 990 kg Number of seat(s) : 4 Engine : BPM Type : 4 cylinders in line Displacement : 2,8 l. Power : approx. 115 hp. The quality and performance of the exclusive runabouts built one by one by Frantz Liuzzi and his small team in Neuilly-sur-Seine from the end of the 1940s to the beginning of the 1960s did not fail to attract not only great champions but also an elite clientele, from Baron Marcel Bich to the Australian-born American actor Errol Flynn. Frantz Liuzzi was particularly proud, and rightly so, to receive each year numerous personalities on his stand at the Paris Boat Show, such as President René Coty. In 1953, the "Eagle of the Seas" alias Flynn, accompanied by his third wife, the actress Pat Wymore, married in Monte Carlo in 1950, came to place an order for a 5.50 m runabout Monocoque FL to serve as a tender for his large schooner Zacca, anchored on the Riviera. It is a similar unit that is offered here. The 5.50 m Monohull FL model, produced in small series for more than a decade, represents the bulk of the production of a shipyard deliberately dedicated to limited quantities. It is estimated that Liuzzi delivered less than fifty motorboats during its entire period of activity. Initially equipped with a flat transom, the FL Monohull, also branded "France-Craft" to avoid losing the impact of the word Craft on a clientele necessarily sensitive to the success of a famous American brand, underwent a major evolution from the early 1950s with the adoption of a very recognizable rounded stern. Liuzzi manufactures its runabouts in molded wood with double diagonal planking using a technique as original as it is demanding, less traditional than the methods of its competitors. Each hull is assembled upside down, keel up, on a mold. It is then demolded and finished right side up. This model, like the majority of the units produced by Liuzzi, is equipped with a four-cylinder BPM of 2.8 liters, in standard version with a power of 115 HP. This old family boat was kept for a long time in Normandy before being acquired by its current owner in the early 1990s as a restoration project, due to its rarity and the collector's personal attachment to the Neuilly yard. The hull has been restored according to the rules of the art, respecting the construction technique and the original colors. She is in sound condition structurally and materially, equipped with her 2.8 liter BPM engine as well as a large part of the original fittings. One will look in vain for the windscreen that Frantz Liuzzi himself did not install on his personal units and that this example was probably not equipped with at delivery.
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