CAMPAN (Jeanne Louise Henriette Genest, called... - Lot 2 - Osenat

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CAMPAN (Jeanne Louise Henriette Genest, called... - Lot 2 - Osenat
CAMPAN (Jeanne Louise Henriette Genest, called Madame). Autograph letter signed to Princess Louise de Beauvau-Craon. S.l., [between 1792 and 1805]. 6 pp. 3/4 in-4, address on the back, crossed out. DISCIPLINARY CASE CONCERNING ONE OF HER PUPILS, PROTECTED BY THE PRINCESS OF FOIX, Louise de Beauvau-Craon: at first rewarded ("named to the Rose"), the little girl had been convinced of having written letters in secret, of having denied it and of having to have denied it and to have given "her word of honor" to cover her lie. " ... I therefore thought it necessary to deploy all possible severity, and she underwent at that moment and for nine consecutive days THE STRONGEST PENITENCE OF ANY MOST STRONG PENITENCE IN MY HOUSE, and which has only taken place once in the last three years. SHE WEARS A LARGE BLACK SCARF A GREY SISTER'S BONNET OF YELLOW CLOTH, WITH TWO SCROLLS ON THE LENGTH OF THE BONNET - MOURNING OF ALL THE VIRTUES. Replacement of the Rose. What is abominable is that she is charming under this awful disguise disguise, and that I have great glasses in my class... I must add to this sad story that one must be careful about the conversations one can have She told several teachers and boarders that her father's friends had told her that if she were poor at present, she would that she had a maternal uncle who was taking care of her at the moment, and that she would be that she had a maternal uncle who was taking care of her at the moment, and that she would be very happy to be in England because her father was a man of great quality and that she would have the rank of a princess in that country. You see, madam, that WE HAVE TO DIRECT A HEAD THAT WORKS, under apparently very calm features, and A A LITTLE HEART DISPOSED TO VANITY, LIES AND COQUETRY. I will not neglect any useful means to correct her. correct her... " FAMOUS PEDAGOGUE FAMILIAR TO THE COURT OF THE OLD REGIME AND THE EMPIRE, MADAME CAMPAN (1752-1822), was the daughter of an interpreter at the Foreign Affairs and received a brilliant education, learning for example Italian with Goldoni or music with Albanese. She was appointed lecturer to the daughters of King Louis XV, then chambermaid to of Marie-Antoinette. The Revolution ruined her, but she founded an educational house in Saint-Germain in 1794 which soon met with immense success. a huge success: she welcomed among others the daughter of the future president Monroe, the daughter of the English ambassador, Hortense and Eugène de Beauharnais, or Pauline and Caroline Bonaparte. Napoleon, for a time befriended her and entrusted her with the the superintendence of the educational house of the Legion of Honor in Écouen. Once again ruined in 1815, despite pensions from Louis XVIII and Queen Hortense, she lived a sad end of life. She left a memoir published in 1823 which was a great success.
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