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"Serial number: R7492 Only two owners in 35 years 57,455 miles on the clock Nice colour scheme Rare V8 version Valid technical control less than 6 months old French collector's title Original left hand drive Launched at Earl's Court in October 1968, the Plus 8 was the first major new car in Morgan's modern history. Developed by Maurice Owen, it was based on a modified Plus 4 chassis. It was fitted with an aluminium Rover V8 engine mated to the Moss gearbox and a Salisbury axle with limited slip differential. This 155bhp carburettor engine, with 27.5mkg of torque, transforms the Morgan into one of the most brilliantly accelerated production cars. On the road, it's an understatement to say that the engine's strong presence imposes itself on the driver of the Plus 8 through its musical qualities, which it owes to the deep, warm sound of the V8. Nearly 200 horsepower in a Morgan promises intense moments of excitement! This Morgan Plus 8 was sold new in the USA in 1972, so it is an authentic left-hand drive. In 1988, Mister Moffait (from Pennsylvania) bought it with 14,868 miles on the clock. He used it happily until 2010, as the various rally and club plates on the car attest. The current owner, after having visited the car in the United States, had it repatriated to France. It had 43,700 miles on the clock. This was followed by many trips to Italy and on the small roads of France, the car always being meticulously maintained as the various parts invoices attest. Mechanically, our Plus 8 is one of the last cars equipped with the Moss four-speed gearbox (plus MA). With its self-locking axle, the high compression option of the engine and the short axle ratio option, this makes it a very playful car and terribly efficient on winding roads and circuits. The car has been made more reliable over the years, notably with the fitting of Koni The car has been made more reliable over the years, including the fitting of Koni dampers front and rear, the addition of an oil cooler and the fitting of a Holley 4-barrel carburettor. The original SU carburettors and intake pipe will be supplied with the car along with other parts. Although we didn't notice it, the owner indicated that a starter motor overhaul would be in order. Our test drive from Paris to Fontainebleau showed us that this car handles well. It can do everything, impressing onlookers in Parisian traffic, taking fast lanes, and giving its driver a smile on small forest roads. As far as the bodywork and chassis are concerned, the car is very healthy, with no corrosion to report, and the original floorboards are in perfect condition. Initially painted in Dark blue, the body is now painted in an English green with a nice patina, done in the USA about twenty years ago and which perfectly matches the black interior, itself well preserved and original. The side screens and their protective covers, as well as the bonnet and tonneau cover are present and in good condition. A small crack in the left corner of the windscreen, out of the field of vision, is to be noted. A minority of cars can boast of being able to stay for an hour in the Parisian traffic jams without warming up, of taking you for a Spritz on the shores of the Lake of Como while being transformed into a racing car the following week. This Morgan +8 is one of them."
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