1970 FIAT "Serial number 2321565 Rare... - Lot 67 - Osenat

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12000 - 15000 EUR
1970 FIAT "Serial number 2321565 Rare... - Lot 67 - Osenat
1970 FIAT "Serial number 2321565 Rare version of the mythical 500 Nice condition Italian road title The Fiat 500 (Nueva 500) was launched in 1957 and, like its predecessor, it put Italy on the road at low cost. Extremely popular, it is an icon of the Dolce Vita like the Vespa and symbolises freedom, sun and youth. With more than 4,000,000 units sold, this little yoghurt pot is no longer in the limelight, but the German and Austrian versions, manufactured under licence, are less well known, as is the very exclusive Lombardi, a true luxury version of the micro-citadin. The Lombardi's roof has been slightly reworked in terms of the bodywork, with a slight spoiler to give it a sporty effect. a sporty effect. A fake front grille, chrome bezels and a leather and wood trim interior complete the package of this luxury 500. The car we are offering was first registered in 1970 based on the Fiat 500 'L' model. Today the car is painted in light blue with a black interior. It is in a beautiful overall appearance both aesthetically and mechanically and will make you stand out from the myriad Fiat 500s at historic rallies and gatherings. "
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