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"Serial number 879128 Good condition Important file of invoices Power and beauty French title The Jaguar E-Type is the darling of enthusiasts, collectors and lovers who cannot remain insensitive to the charm of this feline. The code name XKE is a success for the English brand: the series 1 is an aesthetic revolution, a nice alternative to the expensive and unreliable Italians; the series 2 is more comfortable than its predecessor, while the series 3 is equipped with a V12 under the very long bonnet of the E-Type. Throughout its history, this model has appealed to celebrities, stars and world leaders; it has never gone out of fashion and has always been as much in demand as when it was first introduced. Largely inspired by the D-Type, the E-Type is as competitive and at ease on open roads as it is on the racetrack, where its acceleration, torque and the roar of the XK-type 6-cylinder engine continue to surprise many; it is always a pleasure to see it bite the Ferrari 250s and Porsche 911s at historic events such as Le Mans Classic and Goodwood. The example we are presenting to you is one of the first pages in the history of the E-Type. Exported from the factory in 1964 to the United States, this beautiful 3.8L cabriolet was repatriated to France in the early 1990s where it underwent a major restoration. The car was entrusted to Eric Vignes, the Master of the time, in September 1991; a quotation of 300,000 francs was submitted to the owner, who signed it, and the work on the cabriolet began. One year and more than 360,000 francs later, the car was ready; the bodywork, chassis, upholstery and mechanics had not escaped the expert eye of Mr. Vignes and his team, who restored the beauty of this automobile myth. Today the feline is in a beautiful aesthetic and mechanical state, a Getrag 5-speed gearbox was installed to increase comfort and driving pleasure. Pure, elegant, racy, dynamic, there is no shortage of adjectives to describe this beautiful 1 Series convertible that can make Jaguar engineers proud even today."
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