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"Serial number: 131998 Bodywork Renard et Bec Drawing by Geo Ham Only two examples produced Only surviving example Base of a 1938 Traction 11B If the name Traction is evocative, it is because this Citroën was one of the very first cars to benefit from front wheel drive as standard. Innovative for its time, this car sold nearly 760,000 units between 1934 and 1957. Sometimes a gangster's car, sometimes a symbol of the resistance, this car is today a myth of the French automobile. Designed by Flaminio Bertoni (in the saloon version), the Traction is distinguished by its streamlined appearance for its time. The coupé and cabriolet were designed by none other than the founder of Facel Vega, Jean Daninos. Initially in its 7 HP version, the range of 4-cylinder engines would be joined by the 11 HP. Then the 15-Six will make its entry with an in-line 6-cylinder engine. A V8 version was also envisaged but Citroën did not follow up on the project. The roadster version is today one of the most sought after. Its "coupé découvrable" bodywork stands out from the saloon cars that we still see on our roads. According to Citroën, this bodywork makes the car more attractive to a younger, sportier clientele. In addition, no mechanical changes have been made compared to the saloon. However, a few aesthetic elements differed: a folding windscreen with notches for attaching the soft top, a two- or three-seat folding bench for access to the rear seats, and the boot would then accommodate its additional "spider" seats. Like many vehicles of this period, the Citroën Traction passed through the hands of several coachbuilders who tried to make it more aesthetic and aerodynamic. These included Monceau and Truchot with their low-slung 11 CV cabriolet and Figoni and Falaschi with the 15 Six, renamed "Le Squale" because of its prominent grille. Other coachbuilders tried their hand at sedan and cabriolet models. Among them, Georges Ricard and his Traction 11 / Renault Frégate combination. But the But the most singular of them all is the creation of Renard et Bec. Based on a 1938 Traction 11BL cabriolet, the Renard and Bec workshops produced only two examples of this car, which had a much more modern look for its time. This elegant car was completely redesigned with four headlights, superimposed front bumpers and a thinner grille whose base ended at the level of the small lights. The fenders are more enveloping and extend to the doors. At the rear there is a larger boot that ends just above the rear bumper. The car we offer is one of only two ever produced by the French coachbuilder. It is in excellent condition. Finished in a sparkling sky blue, the exterior paint also covers the four-spoke steering wheel and the dashboard modernised by the same coachbuilder. You will find a Renard and Bec cigar clock in front of the passenger. The beige upholstery, also in excellent condition, blends perfectly with the period features. The wooden trim on the door interiors adds a luxurious touch to this car. The bonnet, in midnight blue, is also in very good condition. Don't be fooled when filling up with petrol! The hatch is located under the right rear position light. Under the bonnet, the 4-cylinder engine purrs gently after the first turn of the key. Discovered in the early 70's by its current owner, the cabriolet was in a barn-raising condition. It has been completely restored and is now one of the most beautiful cars ever designed. This is understandable when you consider that its lines were inspired by a drawing by the famous car illustrator Geo Ham. Made to be driven and admired, this unique car is eagerly awaiting its future owner!"
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