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Result : 66 000EUR
"Serial number 286290(01) Good condition Belgian circulation title From the very beginning, car brands all over the world look for an image to hang on their coat of arms that will serve as a guideline in the production of its different models throughout its existence. For Packard, this chosen image is one of luxury, stature, opulence, cars built for important people, celebrities, people that people admire and envy. A pioneer in the United States in automobile construction, Packard entered the scene at the very end of the 19th century with a small, lightweight, single-cylinder runabout manufactured in very small quantities. After this first step, Packard quickly became one of the most prestigious brands in the United States just before the outbreak of the First World War, when production was directed more towards the collective war effort without ceasing to manufacture cars. After single, twin and four cylinders, and following its experience in military motorization, Packard will offer V12s under the bonnets of its models, and becomes the first manufacturer in the world to offer this mechanical architecture in series. The Model Eight appeared at the end of the 1920s and featured a smooth and torquey 8-cylinder engine with 85 and then 109 horsepower for 6 litres of displacement. Several chassis with different wheelbases were offered for sale with a wide range of body styles from sporty convertibles to imposing closed limousines. Unfortunately, the brand survived with difficulty after the end of the Second World War; a merger with Studebaker was completed in 1954 and lasted less than 10 years before this symbol of the "roaring twenties" really died out. The model we are presenting is a double-header first registered in 1930 in Los Angeles. Kept in the country until 2015, it was acquired by its current owner from Hyman LTD and transported to Belgium. Today the car is in a beautiful aesthetic and mechanical condition, a road test allowed to note the good health of the 8-cylinder engine particularly pleasant to drive. Statutory, the car turns heads as much as it did 90 years ago."
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