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JEAN BAPTISTE MAUZAISSE, ATTRIBUTED TO. FRENCH SCHOOL OF THE 19TH CENTURY. "General Jean Ambroise Baston de Lariboisière, in bust, wearing the insignia of dignitary of the Order of the Iron Crown, the Legion of Honor and the Order of Saint Henry of Saxony. Oil on canvas 81 x 68 cm Gilt frame with palmettes. Provenance -Paris, Hôtel Drouot, March 27, 1991, n° 78 -Paris, Hôtel Drouot, December 10, 2003, n° 13 -Private collection. Related works: -Our painting is a reproduction of the magnificent painting by Baron Gros representing the general bidding farewell to his son Ferdinand during the Battle of Moskowa. Lariboisière, seated, holds the hand of his son, standing in the uniform of a lieutenant of the 1st carabinieri. The work, preserved in the Army Museum, is poignant: both men would not survive the campaign, and the father's despair is clearly palpable in Gros' large format. -Another partial reworking of Gros' painting was done by Mauzaisse for the Galeries historiques de Versailles in 1835. He is represented at mid-body, the saber is visible. The general does not wear the dignitary sash of the Iron Crown as in our painting (and Gros'). Biography: Jean Ambroise Baston de LARIBOISIERE (1759-1812) He embraced the military career early on and served before the Revolution in the same artillery regiment as Napoleon Bonaparte, with whom he became friends in Valence. Captain in 1791, he fought under Adam Philippe de Custine in the army of the Rhine. After a short period of captivity, he participated in the campaigns of the Revolution and the Consulate, still as an artilleryman, reaching the rank of brigadier general in 1803. At Austerlitz, Lariboisière distinguished himself by the use of his batteries against Russian columns on a frozen pond, causing heavy losses to the enemy. On October 14, 1806, at Jena, he earned the rank of major general and was appointed head of the artillery of the Imperial Guard by breaking several Prussian infantry charges with his artillery alone. It was in this position that La Riboisière distinguished himself in 1807: at Eylau on February 8, then in front of Danzig, where he was wounded by a cannonball, and finally at Heilsberg and Friedland, which earned him the honor of directing the construction of the raft on the Niemen on which Napoleon I and Czar Alexander I met as a prelude to the Peace of Tilsit (or Tilsitt). Made Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor in June 1807, Count of the Empire in October 1808, Lariboisière became first Inspector General of Artillery in 1811, before taking part in the Russian campaign in 1812, during which his long experience as an artilleryman worked wonders, whether at Smolensk on August 17 or at the Battle of Moskova on September 7. However, this victory was mourned by the death in battle of his youngest son Ferdinand, a lieutenant in the Carabinieri. At the end of the retreat from Russia, Jean Ambroise Baston de Lariboisière died of exhaustion and grief in Königsberg in East Prussia (now Kaliningrad in Russia) on December 21, 1812.
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