[NAPOLEON I]. - Set of 21 letters and pieces,... - Lot 32 - Osenat

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[NAPOLEON I]. - Set of 21 letters and pieces,... - Lot 32 - Osenat
[NAPOLEON I]. - Set of 21 letters and pieces, 8 of which are from Joseph Bonaparte. 1823-1838 and s.d. INTERESTING SET CONCERNING THE COMPLEX LIQUIDATION OF THE SUCCESSION OF NAPOLEON I, FROM THE PAPERS OF JOSEPH BONAPARTE, head of the family by birth rank. - ARRIGHI DE CASANOVA (Jean-Thomas). Autograph letter signed to Joseph Bonaparte. Paris, March 13, 1834. Cousin of Napoleon I who made him duke of Padua in 1808, the general was charged by Madam Mother, absent from the French territory, to defend its interests there. - Handwritten letter to Jacques Laffitte, in copy. S.l., March 1834. The banker Laffitte had received in deposit the liquidities of the succession of the emperor. - BONAPARTE (Joseph). Minute in part autograph of letter to François-Marie Patorni. [London], January 19, 1834. - Handwritten minute with autograph correction of a letter to François-Marie Patorni. [London], March 21, 1834. - Handwritten letter to the duke of Padua, Jean-Thomas Arrighi de Casanova, in copy. London, November 20, 1834. - Autograph minute of letter to Jacques Laffitte. London, November 30, 1834. " ... The family of Napoleon will always be worthy of him, but before generosity for his friends, it needs that the Government which raised the statue of Napoleon does not make a bank robber of him, and does not put it in the case of this famous Belisarius, whose memory is the cruelest and longest punishment of the ingratitude of the powerful, and it is only a question here of the strictest justice..." - 2 copies put in the net of the same letter. - Handwritten letter to Jacques Laffitte, in copy of the time. London, February 8, 1835. - Handwritten copy of the time. S.l.n.d. - BONAPARTE (Lucien). Handwritten letter to the Parisian lawyer Delagrange, in copy of the time. London, December 1, 1834. 2 copies. - CASTAIGNET. Piece in lithographed copy, signed by this lawyer. 1838. Judgment of the civil court of first instance of the department of the Seine rendered on September 7, 1838. - COTTENET (Pierre-Eugène). Manuscript, in notarial copy of the time, entitled " Presentation of account by Mr. Laffitte, to the succession of Napoleon ". Paris, July 8, 1833. - GOURGAUD (Gaspard)]. Letter to Joseph Bonaparte, in handwritten copy of the time. Paris, April 16, 1823. He evokes among other things the publication of the two volumes of dictations of Saint Helena that he published in 1823, explaining the cuts that he made for reasons of delicacy or censorship. - LAFFITTE (Jacques). 2 handwritten letters to Joseph Bonaparte, in copies of the time. Paris, November 14, 1834 and December 22, 1834. - MARET (Hugues-Bernard), Armand-Louis-Augustin de CAULAINCOURT and Pierre DARU. Manuscript entitled " Arbitral judgment ". May 1823. - PATORNI (François-Marie). Letter signed to Joseph Bonaparte. Paris, May 24, 1833. The lawyer and businessman of the Bonaparte family evokes among other things the sword of Napoleon I. - Signed manuscript entitled " Report to the king Joseph count de Survilliers ". Paris, February 1834. - Signed document. S.d.
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