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MASUYER (Marie-Gabriel). Considerations on... - Lot 26 - Osenat
MASUYER (Marie-Gabriel). Considerations on the current state of the societies in Europe, before and since the return of Buonaparte in France. In Lons-le-Saunier, at M. Delhorme (June 1815). In-8, lxxvi-181-(1) pp, paperback in a waiting cover, some foxing sometimes strong, modern green morocco spine folder threaded and decorated with gilt imperial eagles, lined slipcase. Largely ORIGINAL EDITION. Some autograph corrections in ink in the text. COLLECTION CRITICAL TO THE EUROPEAN POWERS BUT WITHOUT COMPLAISANCE TO NAPOLEON I: " Since [Buonaparte] decreed the freedom of the press, it is that he believes himself worthy to hear the truth, or, I put him here to the test... ". Marie-Gabriel Masuyer brings together here a long foreword and 3 essays, of liberal tendency, in which he essentially questions the means of preserving internal and external peace in Europe according to principles of social justice. The third essay, devoted more specifically to the case of Poland, had originally appeared in 1807 under the veil of anonymity. A DEDICATED COPY TO NAPOLEON I, WITH AN AUTOGRAPHIC LETTER SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR TO HIM, dated from his property of L'Etoile near Lons-le-Saunier on June 22, 1815 - the very day of the emperor's abdication: "... I have the honor of presenting to Your Majesty, with the attached memoirs, my petition to the Legislative Body and my formal wish that you would concur in having the provisions that I believe I must propose in these memoirs as being the only ones that can reconcile all the passions, all the interests that are at war with us inside and outside. I am strongly convinced that we will not have any tranquility, any internal or external stability until our social system rests on these bases... YOU WILL NOT FIND IN IT, SIRE, THE LANGUAGE OF ADULATION which so often degrades the princes, and perverts their judgment, but I hope that you will recognize in it, that of a citizen who sincerely desires the reign of the principles, the happiness of the fatherland, of the prince, and the stability of the social order..." (3/4 p. large in-folio) (3/4 p. large folio). MEDICINAL AND POLITICAL ESSAYIST, MARIE-GABRIEL MASUYER (1761-1849) had ties to Burgundy and the Jura. He served for a time in the armies of the Republic, then settled in Strasbourg where he taught chemistry and pharmacy at the École de Santé before creating the chair of medical chemistry and toxicology at the Faculty of Medicine. He was elected corresponding member of the Academy of Medicine in 1825 and published several works in his scientific specialties. Like his brother, he was a member of the Legislative Assembly and then of the Convention. He was also involved in political issues and expressed republican opinions in various publications. HIS DAUGHTER VALERIE MASUYER, DAUGHTER OF JOSEPHINE, SERVED THE QUEEN HORTENSE AS LADY OF HONOR AND READER from 1830 to 1837. She left famous memoirs. Provenance: Dominique de Villepin (bookplate).
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