DAVOUT (Louis-Nicolas). Autograph letter... - Lot 11 - Osenat

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DAVOUT (Louis-Nicolas). Autograph letter... - Lot 11 - Osenat
DAVOUT (Louis-Nicolas). Autograph letter signed to his wife Aimée Leclerc. TILSIT [now Sovietsk in Russia], June 30 [1807]. 3 pp. in-4: "Mr. MARET [Hugues-Bernard Maret, minister secretary of state of Napoleon I] GIVES ME AT THE INSTANT, MY LITTLE FRIEND, YOUR LETTER OF JUNE 18. WE WERE IN THE EMPEROR'S ROOM: I went out very quickly to read the contents, with what impatience I await the news of your birth! [The marshal had not yet received the news that his wife had just given birth on June 21 to their second daughter, Adèle]. How relieved I will be when I get the news - I hope, because you tell me that your first will be decisive. I count a lot on your courage and your promises, I need to put these ideas in my head to strengthen mine - whatever pleasure I may feel at being a father for a second time, I swear to you that in the future I will do whatever depends on me not to put myself in the position of having such strong worries. The pleasure is bought too dearly since I tremble every moment on your health. I will do what you wish. For the time being, my little Aimée, I will send you two letters in the near future... THE EMPEROR IS CONSTANTLY OCCUPIED WITH THE MOST IMPORTANT INTERESTS, THOSE OF THE PEACE THAT HE DEALS WITH THE EMPEROR OF RUSSIA. THE GOOD INTELLIGENCE WHICH REIGNS BETWEEN THESE TWO SOVEREIGNS DOES NOT ALLOW TO DOUBT THAT THE MOMENT WHEN PEACE WILL BE CONCLUDED IS VERY CLOSE. Within 8 days, there is no doubt that the whole thing will be over. YOU CAN THEREFORE BE REASSURED ABOUT THE FUTURE. NOW I WILL HAVE NO OTHER CHANCE OF DEATH THAN THE ORDINARY ones, so your imagination must be in the greatest tranquillity. believe, my little Aimée, that I will do what depends on me to accelerate the moment of my departure for France. Monsieur MARET [Hugues-Bernard Maret, Minister of State Secretary to Napoleon I] having told me that he was going to send a letter immediately, I am leaving you so as not to lose this opportunity. I send our good mother a thousand assurances of my affection. I hope, in a few days, to have to announce to her the appointment of Desessart [Marshal Davout's brother, General Nicolas-Marin LECLERC DES ESSARTS, chief of staff of the Friant division in the 3rd corps of the Grande Armée], I am almost certain of it. I send a thousand and one caresses to my little Josephine [their eldest daughter, born in 1804] and kisses at discretion to her beautiful and excellent mother. Give caresses to the newborn. For the life your lover and faithful sposo Davout "
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