DAVOUT (Louis-Nicolas). Autograph letter... - Lot 9 - Osenat

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DAVOUT (Louis-Nicolas). Autograph letter... - Lot 9 - Osenat
DAVOUT (Louis-Nicolas). Autograph letter signed to his wife Aimée Leclerc. TILSIT [now Sovietsk in Russia], June 23 [1807]. 3 pp. in-4, on azure paper: "I have just received, my little Aimée, your letter of June 10. It is not of a nature to calm the worries which torment me since the beginning of the month, but I want to spare you the account of it, it would only add to your torments [Marshal Davout was still unaware that his wife had given birth two days before to their daughter Adèle, future countess of Cambaceres]. The indisposition of our little Josephine [their eldest daughter, born in 1804], her still existing bladder, her so late and so painful dentition would give me many fears but, I repeat it to you, the good presentiments which I have on this dear little one do not allow me to conceive any, I make a feast of making her acquaintance and propose to me to neglect nothing to obtain her good graces. The time I will not give to her good mother will be entirely devoted to her, and you can tell me that you are willing to do her thousand little wishes and to take care of her a lot, in a word, to spoil her, to pamper her, and to prevent the harm that could result from it. Your letter of June 10th proves to me, my little Aimée, how much you are embarrassed about money. I presume that with peace on the horizon, THE EMPEROR'S GOODS will get us out of this sorry state. In the meantime, I will do what I can to come to your aid, and at the beginning of the month I hope to be able to send you from 10 to 12,000 f. There is an armistice concluded, and everything must lead one to suppose that it is the prelude to a very soon peace. THE GREAT LOSSES THAT OUR ENEMIES HAVE MADE, THE IMPOTENCE IN WHICH THEY ARE TO CONTINUE THE WAR WITH ANY HOPE, THE EXTRAORDINARY MODERATION OF THE EMPEROR, EVERYTHING MAKES PEACE ALMOST CERTAIN. The armies will however be able to return only slowly to France, but I hope to obtain the Emperor's approval to precede mine. I will make him aware of your condition. I have just renewed my request for Desessart with much hope of seeing it accepted [he was soliciting Napoleon I in favor of the promotion of his wife's brother, General Nicolas-Marin LECLERC DES ESSARTS, chief of the staff of the Friant division in the 3rd corps of the Grande Armée]. Give this news to our good mother to whom I will write to announce the result. In the meantime, assure her of all my affection. I send a thousand caresses to my little Josephine and a thousand and one kisses to her excellent and beautiful mother. It is an aide-de-camp of General Beaumont [Marc-Antoine Bonin de La Boninière de Beaumont, husband of the sister of the Marshal, Julie Davout] who will give you this letter. He will be able to reassure you about my health. IN THIS SHORT AND BRILLIANT CAMPAIGN, THE 3rd BODY WAS ONLY FOR ITS LEGS AND ITS GOOD WILL. I DO NOT REGRET THAT IT DID NOT HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY, THEY ARE BRAVES MORE AVAILABLE. Everything that interests you is going well. Farewell, my little loved one, receive a thousand kisses from your lover and faithful sposo [husband, in Italian] L. Davout ".
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