DAVOUT (Louis-Nicolas). Autograph letter... - Lot 5 - Osenat

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DAVOUT (Louis-Nicolas). Autograph letter... - Lot 5 - Osenat
DAVOUT (Louis-Nicolas). Autograph letter signed to his wife Aimée Leclerc. Osterode [now Ostróda in Poland], April 16 [1807]. 5 pp. I receive your letter of April 3, my very good little Aimée. I cannot understand how you have not yet written me a word in reply to my request that you rent a hotel in Paris. I want you to take that step. The little house at the Orangerie [the Davouts occupied this apartment in the Tuileries at the time] is no longer tenable, and you would have to suffer too much from the noise of the workmen when you are in bed for me not to want you to leave it very much. I would be more at peace if you would comply with my repeated requests. You must not conclude from my change of headquarters that there are warlike events; WE ARE HERE AS IN DEEPEST PEACE AND IT IS NO LONGER APPARENT THAT THE RULES THINK OF TROUBLING IT: IT WOULD COULD BE TOO MUCH FOR THEM. I came here, the emperor having left, because I was authorized to do so, Ditterswald being a bad place [Marshal Davout was previously stationed at Dietrichswald, now Gietrzwald in Poland, near Olsztyn]. I give you these explanations knowing, my little Aimée, that you are ingenious in tormenting yourself. Yesterday I received a letter from poor General Dumas announcing the death of his wife [Mathieu Dumas had just lost his wife Adélaïde Julie Delarue]. It is a great loss for him and all his family. I had a letter from my brother-in-law [Marshal Davout's brother, General Nicolas-Marin Leclerc Des Essarts, chief of staff of the Friant division in the 3rd corps of the Grande Armée] of March 29, he asks me: "Did you speak about me to S[a] M[ajesté]? You told my sister that I would soon have what I wanted. It seems to me, my little Aimée, that I did not write this to you, I could have told you that I would take the first opportunity to express this desire and that it would not depend on me if it were not soon realized, but that is all - the fact is that I had the opportunity to talk about Beaumont, that the EMPEROR regrets that his poor health has prevented him from going on the campaign, but I did not have the opportunity to pursue the conversation further. I was pleased to see that the Emperor was convinced of my brother-in-law's poor health. The details you give me about our Joséphine are all the more agreeable to me since I see that she is giving you a happy time and that you are not worried about the consequences of her teeth. I send a thousand caresses to this dear little one. I have fulfilled your intentions for the mare left in Frankfurt-on-the-Mein. When you receive this letter she will be in a pasture in Mainz and there she will wait for my other two mares that I have sent to Berlin. [Marshal Davout then discusses a project of acquiring a house with meadows, and a possible sending of funds on his part around May 20]. Perhaps by that time I will have the opportunity to speak to THE EMPEROR about your embarrassments and your discomfort. If it were ever necessary to talk to him about this I would do so, knowing his kindness, so you can buy this house... You have made the right decision not to appear to want to buy it, that is the way to acquire it at its fair value... I imagine that you do not forget to touch my appointements of marshal which are of 3333 f. 33 c. per month. I have left you an authorization in this regard. I will do your commissions near Desessart. WE IGNORE HERE IF THE PACIFIC INTENTIONS OF OUR EMPEROR WILL PREVENT THE INTRIGUES OF OUR ELIMINATES, BUT IN ALL CASES WE ARE MORE IN A POSITION THAN EVER TO MAKE THEM TRIUMPH BY OUR ARMS - the armies are more numerous, well disposed and well rested, and as regards the corps of army which I command, it is, like all the others, animated... of the best spirit and moreover there are 3 regiments more. A thousand things to your good mother and to M[ADAM]E FRIAND. TRANQUILLISE HER ON HER HUSBAND WHO, NOT BEING ABLE TO MAKE WAR ON THE Russians, MAKES WAR ON THE GAME OF THE COUNTRY [Marshal Davout's brother-in-law, General Louis Friant, who distinguished himself at Eylau at the head of the vanguard of the 3rd corps]. For you, my dear little Aimée, receive a thousand and one kisses from your lover and faithful sposo [faithful husband, in Italian] L. Davout ".
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