ROYAL MANUFACTURE OF AUBUSSON Tapestry in... - Lot 200 - Osenat

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ROYAL MANUFACTURE OF AUBUSSON Tapestry in... - Lot 200 - Osenat
ROYAL MANUFACTURE OF AUBUSSON Tapestry in wool and silk. The treaty of perpetual peace established on April 3, 628 between the Byzantine Roman Emperor HERACLIUS (575-641), before the Patriarch of Jerusalem Sophrone and the envoy of the Persian king Kavadh II, Rasman. Border decorated with musical instruments including drums, trumpets, and instruments of war surrounded by ribbons in polychrome. Marked at the bottom (in the blue braid) MR AUBUSSSON. End of XVIIth century - Beginning of XVIIIth century 280 x 235 cm (restorations of maintenance (in particular in silks), beautiful polychromy) The Roman Emperor Heraclius (Roman emperor of the East, 575-641, founder of the dynasty of Heraclides, fierce defender of Christianity in front of the emergence of Islam) is on the left sitting on a stool, Sophrone (Patriarch of Jerusalem: 550-638), known as the sophist is in the center and Rasman, from behind on the right. Expert : Mr Kassapian
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