FLANDERS Panel of fine tapestry of Brussels... - Lot 223 - Osenat

Lot 223
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FLANDERS Panel of fine tapestry of Brussels... - Lot 223 - Osenat
FLANDERS Panel of fine tapestry of Brussels Scene of the Roman mythology Venus complaining to the goddess of justice: Themis that Cupid her son remains child In silk and wool Beautiful polychromy To note: the blue of the dress of the goddess Themis: mark of fidelity On the left, the goddess Themis, close to Cupid (the god of the Love) surrounded by cherubs and Japet, the titan on the right. Note the medallion with probably the Emperor Julius Caesar and his laurel wreath with writings in Latin: tu fut l'apologie d'une ignoble époque End of 17th century 268 x 310 cm (Restorations, Wear, Natural oxidations) Note: She gives to Zeus, of whom she is the second wife after Metis: the Moires, the Hours and Astraea to which sometimes come to add the three Hesperides, the three nymphs of the river Eridan and Homonoia, the goddess of the Concord. Goddess of Justice, Law and Equity, Themis assists Zeus in Olympus. She is often depicted in ancient art holding the pans of a scale with which she weighs the arguments of the opposing parties. In Olympus she is also the mother of the Hours (mythology) and of the Moires (Greek mythology) or Parques (Roman mythology). According to some authors, she was also once the wife of her brother, the Titan Japet, whom she made father of Prometheus. This would explain why she was able to pass on to Prometheus a large part of her wisdom and her divinatory gifts. In fact, she knows the future and secrets of which even Zeus is ignorant, such as the fate of the son of Thetis, who must become more powerful than his father. It is thanks to her wisdom that Prometheus, later, is freed from his punishment by Zeus. Succeeding Gaia as owner of the oracle of Delphi, Themis reveals to Pyrrha and Deucalion the way to repopulate the earth after the Flood. She also warns Atlas that one day a son of Zeus will come to steal the golden apples of the Hesperides garden. It is for this reason that Atlas refuses to help Heracles when he asks him. Later, she transmits the oracle of Delphi to her sister Phoebe or to Apollo, when the god returns from Tempé where he is purified from the murder of Python.
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