LAMPAS, Spain, Granada, probably from the... - Lot 138 - Osenat

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LAMPAS, Spain, Granada, probably from the... - Lot 138 - Osenat

LAMPAS, Spain, Granada, probably from the Nasrid period (1230-1492), Mudejar period, 15th century, or a faithful replica from the 19th century (?), red satin background, black, yellow and cream decoration of crowned lions facing each other on either side of a cypress tree, between cut-out palms evoking the name of Allah, in the form of a shield surmounted by a carnation, canvas lining, mounted on a panel, under glass and in a frame (wear, comes from an old dalmatic, lacks the edges).

82 x 54 cm

Provenance : Jean-Joseph Marquet de Vasselot (1871- 1946), curator at the Louvre museum in 1902 then at Cluny in 1926, remained in the descendants.

A copy in all points similar, with the same cup for a dalmatic and the same dimensions (82 x 54 cm) is kept in the Museum of fabrics in Lyon. It is probably the other side of the dalmatic from which our panel comes. It is reproduced in the Guide to the Musée des Tissus de Lyon, page 73: "This piece, and the two others from the same room, belonged to the De Boislève collection. The Musée National du Moyen Age and the Abegg Stiftung also own it. Perhaps, like many oriental textiles particularly appreciated for their refinement, this one was the back of a chasuble? This is what its particular cut would suggest. .... "Spain XIV-XVth c. Panel decorated with palmettes and lions. Lampas, silk. H. 0,82 ; L : 0,54. Purchase from Boislève, 1884. Inv 24000/1 "

Comparable examples in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Metropolitan Museum, Cleveland Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum (n° 785), Kunstgewerbe Museum of Berlin (n° 86,852)

Louise W. Mackie, Symbols of Power, no. 5-41 & 5-42, pp. 208 & 209; Sophie Desrosiers, Soieries et Autres Textiles de l'Antiquité au XVIe siècle, Musée National du Moyen-Age- Thermes de Cluny, cat 227, pp. 397 & 397; Isabelle Errera, Catalogue d'Etoffes Anciennes, no. 103, pp. 103; Ernest Flemming, Les Tissus, p. 56; Gaston Breton in the Gazette des Beaux-Arts, Paris 1882, ée période, p. 35 Le Tissu Ancien à l'Exposition de l'Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs; R. Cox, La Soierie d'Art, plate 44; Barbara Markowsky, Kunstgewerbemuseum der Stadt Köln, EuropaIsche Seidengewebe des 13- 18 Jahrhunderts, n° 53, p. 137

Note on dating: In the absence of selvedges, the attribution and dating were made on the basis of comparisons with the above-mentioned museum catalogs, especially that of the Musée des Tissues in Lyon. No laboratory analysis of the dyes or carbon 14 has been carried out.

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